Sunless Tanning Simplified

It’s gloomy it’s dark and the sun is nowhere in sight but despite this fact you want a sunless tan for a beautiful bronze skin to make you feel and look good. You contemplate visiting a salon and using a tanning bed but you’re worried about the negative effects of UV light, especially wrinkles and even worse, skin cancer.

This is one scenario that leads both men and women to a fake tan. A sunless tan can be very accommodating to people who want darker skin but fear effects of tanning whether it’s indoor UV light or sunbathing under the hot sun. Luckily there are products that can give you a sunless tan without you even stepping one foot out of your home. It’s all entirely cosmetic but considering the health ramifications of ultraviolet light exposure, fake might be justifiable and even excusable.

The key to a perfect fake tan is knowing what method will give you the best result, a result that will resemble a natural suntan.
The biggest knock on fake tanning is sometimes the results leave a lot to be desired. This criticism is due to undesirable coloring such as appearing more orange than actually tanned. It can even be a nightmare if you have a special engagement planned, only to look in the mirror and your facial tan looks awful. You can avoid this predicament by following a few simple tips that will help you get the best fake tan possible.

First Fake Tan Maybe Better At A Salon

The first time should be done by professionals, or people who know what they are doing. This will most likely be in a tanning salon. It is important to see firsthand how a fake tan is applied and also to experience the different methods and products. Seeing how the fake tan turns out will give you insight on what you can expect if you did it yourself. Ask as many questions as you feel are necessary to help you decide on a method and product. Your choices will include – airbrush tanning, tanning booth or application of self tanner product.


  • Airbrush tanning will consist of an aesthetician spraying your entire body with a mist using a spray gun. This is as good as it gets because it is a personalized tanning session that will cover every area of your body.
  • Spray on tan booth is the cheaper alternative to an airbrush and most people are generally satisfied with the results.
  • Self Tanner products are applied by a tanning technician who will offer you a choice of spray, lotion, gel or cream. Paying close attention to how it is applied on your skin is important because you can get a similar product if you like, and apply it yourself on your skin.

DIY Fake Tan At Home

fake bake self sunless tan liquidYou enjoy fake tans so much but the cost of getting them at salons is adding up. The solution to this dilemma is simple, and that is to get a self tanner lotion and apply it on your face and skin in your own home. By now you have gained a little experience watching how professional tanning experts apply fake tans on their clients.

It is not as hard as you might think but like everything else preparation is important to your fake tan turning out good. Using self tanner on the face and different parts of the body will require different techniques. Regardless of what you use, it is important that you wash your hands after each and every use. This applies after you have tanned each part of your body. You can also undo mistakes by quickly using a damp towel to rub out the bronzer or tint, you will usually have a few minutes before it sets in.

Showering and exfoliating the skin before using a sunless lotion or gel should also be done because DHA the ingredient that darkens your color, actually darkens your dead skin. Having excessive layers of dead skin will do two things, first it will make your tan streaky and uneven, and will also make your tan fade quicker.

Legs and Ankles

Starting with legs is a good habit because it is a buildup to the most important area and that’s the face, which is the most detailed aspect of any fake tan. The legs also need focus and the best way to approach them is to squeeze a spoonful of fake tan lotion on the palm of one hand. Using the other hand take a little from the lotion and apply it on your legs, starting with the smoothest part first.

Make sure you avoid the ankles and the knees. Rub the lotion on like you would any moisturizer, and after you have finished rubbing it on your legs, gently glaze your palm over your ankle with the slightest touch. The ankles like the knees have thicker layers of skin and applying a self tanner on them like you would other parts of your body will make them darker than they should be.

Thighs and Knees

Just as you have applied the fake tan lotion on your legs and ankles, do the same thing to your thighs and knees. First begin with the thighs and then after you have massaged the lotion nicely on your thighs and inner thighs proceed to slightly apply your balm over your knees.


The hands can be a very difficult part of the body to use a fake tan product on, but this little tip should help you. While your thighs are still moist with the lotion gently rub the upper side of your right hand inside your right inner thigh. Likewise do this same step to the left hand. Hands are darker than other parts of the body and the little lotion will usually be enough.

Hips, Abs, Torso, Back and Neck

sunless tanning

Approach these parts of the body separately. You can begin by putting a tablespoon amount on your palm and then rubbing with the other hand each side of your hips. You may need more or less cream, use your own judgment, and remember practice makes perfect. The same approach should be used for the abs, back and torso. Having someone help you rub it on your back will be more convenient, so ask someone to do that part of the body for you.


The face is where any flaws will be obvious so be extra careful and don’t use too dark of a fake tan product if you have fair skin. Whatever tint or shade you decide on, make sure that it is face based. Fake tan lotions for the face are formulated differently than ones for the body. They are formulated to be less irritant.

The method to fake tanning the face should begin with a teaspoon amount of lotion gel. Using only that amount, take some of the gel from your hand and apply a small dab to your forehead and on both sides of your cheeks. Whatever little is left on your palm apply that to the bridge of your nose. Starting with the right side of your face, begin by rubbing from your cheek to the bottom of your eyes, avoiding the eyelid. Work your way down to your chin and then to your ear and also cover the right side of your nose.

Repeat the same process on the left side of your face, and then also your entire nose including both left and right side. Your jawline and your entire chin should at this point be rubbed. Once you have finished that proceed to your forehead and rub downwards towards your temples, also rub the top of your forehead and then down towards the eyes and nose.

Sunless tanning is safe but you’ll come to the conclusion that a fake tan can never really be quite perfect at first. But with some practice, preparation and experience your fake tans will start to look better and better. Trying various bronzers, tanning lotions, creams or even sprays will also eventually lead you to a product that will work best for you and your skin.

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