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Spray Tanning Training Video Using The Horizontal Spray Tanning Technique

Just thought I would share with you a video I have just found “YouTube” showing you how to spray tan using a horizontal technique of spraying.

This is a great basic spray tanning training video by “Sun Junkie”.

It has some great spray tanning tips and spray tan technique advice.

The video goes for about 6 minutes.

Have a quick watch and then read my comments and extra spray tanning tips below to compliment what you see.


“Learn How To Spray Tan Horizontally”

Spray Tanning Training Video By Sun Junkie

So what did you think?

Lots of tips and tricks shown in there! ;)

To help you even more I have written some notes about the video that I thought I would share….

Please make sure you have watched the video before reading the tips ..

Extra Spray Tanning Tip 1:

Preparing yourself or your client is very important and as a spray tanner if you have the opportunity to have your client do a quick exfoliation with some spray tanning wipes before they receive their spray tan I would recommend this.

If you know your client has exfoliated before the service then you can avoid using the wipes, however in saying that if it has been a warm day be mindful that perspiration will act as a spray tan inhibitor and block the spray tanning process.

Alcohol wipes are fine to use as well.

Extra Spray Tanning Tip 2:

The sticky feet are a great idea, however if you want to save a little money you could purchase some hand towels and get each client to stand on a small towel and turn using the towel.

The advantage with the towels is that they can be washed and re used!

Extra Spray Tanning Tip 3:

The use of a barrier cream is very important for people that have dry skin on the elbows, knees and ankles. The tan will absorb and hold in these areas more than others because of the lack of moisture.

The older the client is the more you will need to protect these dry skin areas.

Another area to protect is our finger nails and toe nails. The tan will absorb through our nails as well and stain these areas. Have your client where a base coat of nail polish or apply the barrier cream here as well.

You don’t have to buy any fancy barrier cream for this. Moisturizer will work nicely!

spray tanning tips
Extra Spray Tanning Tip 4:

Regarding the machine setting……..

A medium setting is perfect for when you are learning and getting to know your machine, gun and solution. As you become more experienced and advanced you will be able to use the high setting.

When you adjust the flow of the solution the aim is to try and spray tan as close to the body as possible. This avoids solution wastage. Plus you get a more definite tan and are less likely to miss areas.

Extra Spray Tanning Tip 5:

Holding up the arms………..

You can either hold them in a prayer position or above your head (eg hands on head)

I often find clients arms get tired and holding their hands on their heads means they can rest.

Extra Spray Tanning Tip 6:

When you are spray tanning the lower back of the client you may also need to ask them to bend over forward. This will depend on the body shape of your client and the crease area.

In my experience bending over reduces the crease perfectly.

Extra Spray Tanning Tip 7:

Having your client hold a tissue while the hand is being spray tanned is a great idea. Your palm are does absorb the tan a lot easier than the back of your hand.

Another option is you could barrier cream the palms if tissue isn’t available.

Extra Spray Tanning Tip 8:

I don’t like the idea of spray tanning a clients face unless they request it. I never assume to spray tan the face. I would always ask if a client wants to have their face spray tanned.

Most of the time the over spray from the body being spray tanned can be enough for the face.

If you do want the face to be spray tanned, then make sure you hold the gun further away from the face than the body (Double the distance) and only spray a very light mist.

Remember the spray tan can absorb up people’s nostrils and it may irritate them!

Extra Spray Tanning Tip 9:

Only spray tan twice if needed! Remember the more DHA that is applied to the skin the more chance of orange undertones occurring!

I don’t care what manufacturers say I have not come across a solution yet that if used too much does not cause orange undertones!

If the solution has about 6-8% DHA you can do up to 2 sprays. If you are using solution with a higher percentage DHA and you definitely run the risk of your client developing orange undertones if you do 2 full spray tans.

This does also depend on the clients skin type as well.

If you are using a higher DHA solution one good spray tan is enough!

Extra Spray Tanning Tip 10:

You can spray tan your client vertically or horizontally. The choice is yours. Personally I prefer to spray tan vertically in an up and down motion.

The reason I do this is that I find I have less solution wastage and less chance of missing some bits……..

Less solution wastage is less money wastage!


I hope you have enjoyed the video and my 10 extra spray tanning tips to compliment.

If you have any other tips I would love to hear them, please leave a comment below.


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