Self Tanning

Give yourself a pat on the back if you are a self tanner. While indoor tanning has been embroiled with contention, heated debates and criticism, self tanning has risen to the top spared of contempt and condemnation facing tanning beds and tanning salons. It’s the rage, the salvation of tanning aficionados who for one reason or another swore off getting under ultraviolet light again. Hailed as the answer to replicating a natural tan in a totally sunless way. Self tanning delivers beautiful, lustrous, and glowingly bronze tans with consistency. It’s a two step process to self tan perfection, the first is the right product and the second is the right technique.

self tanSelf tanning is an art and we’ve detailed how to achieve a perfect fake tan. The allure of self tans is more than just beautiful tanned skin. The allure is that it is a good feeling way to tan, a tan that won’t traumatize your skin. Because sunless tanning is a pretense to natural sunbathing it is essential that you use the right self tanning product for the right occasion. A self tan can also be a bit like patchwork, it’s not necessary that you tan your complete body every day, if you are in a rush, simply self tan your face. Below is a useful list of all the means available used to produce natural like tans.

Self Tanning Options

Mastering self tanning will require that you try different products on your skin. Think of yourself as an artist, your hand the paintbrush and the self tanning product you choose as the paint. Your body and face, of course, will be the masterpiece.

  • Spray will work wonders but only if you can spray your entire body and most people can’t. Have someone help you spray parts of your body that you can’t reach, especially your back. Mist sprays are for people who have a little experience because spraying too much and not rubbing correctly can leave your skin blotchy and uneven.
  • Overnight Lotion is the most common self tan product that is used, it’s very effective and works fast. The problem is the odor that DHA can give off, so plan accordingly so your lovely gold skin is not overshadowed by the DHA odor. You can also darken your skin by using it incrementally each day after the initial application.
  • Slow Forming Self Tan Lotion is great if you have the time to develop a nice tan over a few days. What this kind of lotion does is it gradually builds your base tan. This is ideal for people who do not exactly know how to use a tanning lotion. Put it this way, it is hard to mess up with a gradual tanning lotion formula.
  • Self Tan Gel is great for the face especially if it is face based. Gels don’t have pungent odors like sprays and lotions, they also tend to cost the most too. A gel that is formulated for the face will also be gentler and for sensitive skin this is greatly beneficial.
  • Self Tan Mousse dries very quickly and as a result you get an instant tan. You can see the color develop on your skin right before your eyes. It is aerosol free, no oil and if you want the quickest tan possible give an instant mousse a try. You can also use a gradual tan mousse if you want your tan to develop gradually.
  • Foam is water based, won’t clog your pores and works slowly and is very effective in giving your body a nice dark tan. You have to be careful with foam because it doesn’t dry as quickly as mouse and you can make a mess of things if you ignore this.
  • Towelettes are convenient, handy and easy to use. Two or three are more than enough to tan the whole body and what can beat such ease when all you have to do is wipe your body with them. The color should last a few days on your body before you have to use the self tan towelettes again.
  • Bronzing Powder is used when necessary and is more makeup than a complete self tanner. Women who find themselves in a tight spot and need to cover their pale skin ASAP can use a bronzing powder. Your face will look radiantly tanned in no time, just use a little bit.

The Cardinal Rule Of Self Tanning – Exfoliating Your Skin

You’ve probably heard it before “it doesn’t work”, or “my skin looks streaky and awful.” There is usually a very good reason why some people’s faces turn orange, or why their skin looks blotchy and uneven with streaks. That reason is that they have failed to abide by the cardinal rule of self tanning which is – Exfoliation! You can not use a product right out the box, rub it on your skin and expect good results. It does not work that way and without exfoliating your skin, your home tanning experience will turn awry.

Each and every self tan product above uses DHA or bronzer, these are what colorize your skin, if you neglect to exfoliate your skin then your dead skin cells will remain bumpy, even though your eyes don’t notice it. Exfoliate and shower before using anything whether it is a spray, mousse or gel. You want your skin to be as smooth as possible for an even tan. There is no way around it, you absolutely must exfoliate all your skin including the face.

You shouldn’t feel bad if your first or even second attempt at self tanning turns out wrong. There is a learning curve and what’s most important is that you continue to get better. You will come to the realization that some products will work better than others, there is no right or wrong. We all have different skin tones and it is important to try as many different ways to get the best possible tan. Self tanning has become a part of life for many people, it has become a process that they repeat several times a month. Think of perfecting your technique and when you do, no one will be able to notice that you self tanned yourself.

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