How to Apply Indoor Tanning Lotion with Bronzer

How to Apply Indoor Tanning Lotion with Bronzer

Tanning lotion helps your skin appear healthier, thinner and can be useful when you want  to hide spots and imperfections.

How does it work? When you apply tanning lotion and expose yourself to UV rays, it reacts with your to produce more melanin. Melanin gives the skin a darker color.

Before you apply tanning lotion, take the following precautions

Choose a bronzing lotion suitable for your skin type. There are a variety of bronzing lotions that work differently for different skin types

Some bronzing lotions give instant results while others take long to show.  Some of these bronzers last longer compared to others.

Shave hair from places you want to tan, e.g. the legs. Bronzer may accumulate on your hair leaving darker patches and spots that look uneven all over your body.

Make sure you exfoliate to get a smooth finish after tanning. Applying tanning lotion on dead skin will prevent your skin from tanning. Moisturize your skin with oil free moisturizers to prevent your skin from drying and flaking when you apply the lotion. If you are not after full body coverage, wear clothes that you would not mind staining.

The procedure

Before you start applying the tanning lotion, wear gloves to prevent your palms from tanning. Tanning lotions with bronzers are strong and may cause your palms to turn orange. Apply the tanning lotion generously to your body or the sections that you want to tan. Using large amounts of tanning bronzer ensures its effectiveness.

Rub the tanning lotion evenly and in circular motion to ensure you don’t miss any spot on your body, don’t forget the armpits. Apply less lotion on your elbows, knees and body parts that are naturally darker. You want your skin to appear evenly tanned after this procedure. Mix the tanning lotion with moisturizer to apply on the face and the neck. These areas tend to be sensitive, rub gently and in circular motion.

Any extra lotion left on your skin? Use a clean, soft towel to gently rub the excess tanning lotion off your skin. After you’re done applying wait for a few hours for the effects of the tanning lotion to start showing. Different tanning lotions work differently; leave it on your skin according to the instructions on the lotion.

You can choose to increase the speed and effects of the tanning lotion by going into a tanning bed. Tanning beds produce UV rays that increase the speed of melanin production.

How to Apply Indoor Tanning Lotion with Bronzer

Now that your body is tan, soak for a little bit in cold water to wash off the lotion. Wash gently and do not exfoliate as this will destroy the integrity of the tan.

Finally, apply your moisturizer to keep your skin from drying up and forming flakes as this may be unattractive. Enjoy you tan!



Your decision to apply a tanning lotion should be influenced by the type of results you want. Use a darker tanning lotion for a darker effect. Following these guidelines will help our tanning effect last longer and leave your skin looking healthy and golden.

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