Buying a Tanning Bed

Are you looking to buy your own tanning bed? There is one thing that stops most people from buying a residential tanning bed however. Purchasing your own tanning bed often costs a pretty penny. And since many of us do not have a few thousand dollars just stashed away, financing can certainly become an issue here. Finding a financing deal will not be the most difficult part of your search though. A quick search online will bring up many dealers from all across the country who are more than happy to extend financing options to you.

Many times the process will be a simple matter of passing a credit check, choosing your bed and wa-la – you’re off to the races with only a small payment to make each month for your home tanning bed. Even better than that, many of these financing plans will require little to no money down. All you need to do is pay the one time service charge and off you go with the tanning bed of your dreams. Another very viable option for those of you who do not wish to get involved in lengthy financing plans is to lease your tanning bed. Many companies also have lease plans available that last as short as 36 months or as high as 48 months or more.

Traditional bank financing can sometimes be difficult to obtain and paying cash is great if you can afford to but sometime during your research, you are likely to call a number of salespeople and distributors that highly recommend leasing as the first option. They may provide you with a list of benefits including tax advantages, fast approvals, maintaining liquidity and higher approval amounts in order to convince you to take the next step and apply.

Leasing a Tanning bed

A leasing company is any company that maintains possession of the property or equipment while establishing a rental agreement with the client for the use of that property or equipment.

A broker takes your application and goes out to several funding sources (AKA banks) and tries to obtain a loan amount equal to the purchase price of the equipment. The bank gets their percentage of the transaction as does the broker. By the time the money gets to you, there is a markup on it. In many cases, brokers will negotiate their markup so it never hurts to ask for a better rate. A direct funding source is usually a bank that happens to offer leasing. There is no brokering and rates can be more competitive since you will be working directly with the organization in control of the money.

Buying a tanning bed

There’s no point in spending thousands of dollars on a tanning bed if all it’s going to do is make your electrical outlets explode! Use your common sense and shop around. Before you know it you’ll be sporting an even, all-year-round tan that will have some green with envy and others looking even more pale than usual. If you are on of those people considering buying your own home tanning bed to rid yourself of the hassles of going to your local tanning salons to get a tan, then you might be considering the idea of getting a tanning bed via loan or finance. It’s also a good idea to get a good stash of tanning products for your home so you never run out, as you should NEVER go tan without tanning lotions.

An option for purchasing your own tanning bed is through a finance purchase by the use of a credit card. These finance purchases are offered with the best interest rates that your current credit standing will allow. Most credit card companies will offer tanning bed finance purchases, just go online to check out their sites and try their online application for easier and faster processing and response times. If you are an individual who does not have a good credit status, be wary of finance companies that offer loans for luxury item purchases.

Other way of buying a tanning bed

If you are looking to spot a deal on getting tanning beds through loans or finance, here are some points to consider. Always try to buy directly from the manufacturer whenever possible. There are a number of factories that offer financing for tanning bed purchases, all you have to do is to ask around and look for them. The manufacturers of tanning beds tend to offer the lesser interest rates as compared to retail stores. Another advantage of buying directly from the manufacturing companies is the lower price that they offer. Most manufacturers offer their products on factory prices, which are generally lower than the prices at retail establishments.

If possible, avoid financing. Instead, try to save your money for making the purchase of your tanning bed absolute and in one go. Another important reminder would be to read everything on the contract before you sign. Predatory lending is a common practice in the world of financing for luxury items, so be sure to verify everything by checking the fine print.

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