Fragrant Black Storm Tanning Lotion Review

Black Storm Tanning Lotion Review – New for 2010, this lotion is very similar to Paint It Black (also made by Millennium). Black Storm Tanning Lotion has a 60 X Auto-Darkening Tan Technology Extreme Silicone Bronzer. This lotion will feel silky smooth on and will keep your skin moisturized all day long. This lotion has no tingle factor. Fragrance: Fruity Honeysuckle. This lotion works well.

One of the best rated tanning lotions you can get is the Black Storm tanning lotion by Designer Skin. If you’re after an extreme dark skin, this is perfect for you. Black Storm tanning lotion features 60 times auto-darkening tan technology extreme silicone bronzer. So in just a few applications, you can be sure to get your desired dark skin complete with the bronzing effect.

For many light-skinned people, summer is not complete without getting a good tan. For them, it would not be worth showing their body in public during the hot summer months in their regular skin color. But with today’s harmful ultraviolet rays, it’s not worth exposing yourself to the sun. The best option is to use a tanning lotion that can give you the same dark skin but in a healthy way.

Black Storm Tanning Lotion – Moisturizing and Fragrant

Acai oil is one ingredient used in this lotion. It is an antioxidant that has 10 times the benefits of other fruits.

With this lotion, you will not only get a great tan but your skin will also be silky smooth and well moisturized all day long. Applying it is similar to just applying regular lotion without the tingling feeling.

black storm tanning lotionBlack Storm tanning lotion is available in fruity honeysuckle fragrant. As such, you won’t have to worry about getting a strong smell similar to other lotions.

This product comes in a sleek brown 13.5 ounce bottle with the Black Storm brand name in big and bold letters. It’s very affordable especially if you purchase it online compared to getting it from salons. On our website, you can get up to 70 percent discount from the product.

Not all people are lucky to have natural brown skin particularly those who live in the cold regions. As such, when they go to holidays in the sunny areas of the world, they are so eager to get a good tan by sunbathing for several hours. Unfortunately, this is not a good way to get dark skin these days because of the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. Longer sun exposure can lead to skin problems such as early aging and even skin cancer.

Thankfully, there’s Black Storm tanning lotion to help you in achieving that extreme tan you’ve always dreamed of. No need to show off your skin to the sun because by simply applying the lotion on your skin and using a tanning bed in a salon or getting a tan under the sun, you can have an even and beautiful dark skin for a long time.

What matters is you know the right product to choose depending on how fast you want to achieve a good tan. And to get the best deals, you can check the offers online. You can find discount coupons on various sites or get big discounts of up to 70 percent on sites that feature the best rated tanning lotions that work faster than the others in achieving your desired dark skin. The best part is you can have that extreme tan up to five shades darker than your normal skin tone in a short period only


You get a good deal with this product if you want an extra feeling that is more than just tanning- a mild tingling effect. Good product for beginners looking for a darker tan normal tan with the added bonus of  smelling fragrant and having moisturized skin.

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