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Well, I don’t know what your skin needs are. Yours could be needing treatment for a never-ending skin condition or the simple desire to look better, change your appearance and be the next princess in town.

The desire to look radiant in a glowing skin is no longer a want but a need for both the young and old. Tanning lotions have got you covered. They can magically transform your skin into unimaginable beauty.

To achieve your deepest skin desire, get to choose from the best. Given the number of clients who get attracted to tanning lotions every other minute, the tanning industry has evolved into an industry that is worth billions of dollars. That tells you one thing, the market is overflowing with an array of tanning lotion products. As a buyer, you are left spoilt for choice on what tanning product suit your needs best.

With this guide, you can say bye to the noise and get to look at the best indoor tanning lotions in the market. For your quick review, first, have a look at this table.

Which is the best Indoor tanning lotion?

Comparison Table

NameUnique FeatureCapacityCheck on Amazon
Tanlife tanning butter

Tanlife tanning butter tanning lotion

-Maintains your natural skin color
-Achieves a base tan with no streak effects.
-Comes with ant-ageing benefits
-Tattoo protector
12.25 OzCheck price here
Swedish She You Want Me Beauty Bronzer

Shea You Want Me tanning butter

-Good moisturizer for your skin
-Offers an excellent match for skin color and care
8.5 OzCheck price here
Maui Babe Tanning Browning Lotion

Maui Babe tanning browning lotion 

-Safe for use in tanning beds
-Good for naturally making your tan dark
-Has a good moisturizing effect on your skin
8 OzCheck price here
Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator

Australian Gold CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator Dark Natural Bronzers

-Perfect for tanners with a fair skin
-Also good for outdoor use
8.5 OzCheck price here
Coconut kisses golden training lotion

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

-Speeds up your tanning
-Prevents your tattoo from fading
13.5 OzCheck price here
Peace and harmony turning intensifier Bronzing Moisturizer lotion
Peace & Harmony Tanning Intensifier Bronzing Moisturizer Lotion
-Contain caffeine and green tea extracts for tightening skin10 OzCheck price here
Hempz tanning dark lotion
-Has powerful moisturizers that prevent your skin from drying when under the sun10 OzCheck price here
Australian Gold Deep Dark Bronzing tanning lotion
Australian Gold Sinfully Black 15x Deep Dark Bronzing Tanning Lotion
-Sweet berry fragrance
-Has natural oils that soften your skin
8.5 OzCheck price here
Trinity XS tanning lotion
Trinity XS Mega Extreme XXX Sizzling Tingle Tanning Lotion
-Deodorizing ingredients
-contains ant-ageing and skin-firming ingredients.
12.25 OzCheck price here
On the prowl Australian Gold tanning bed lotion
Australian Gold On the Prowl Advanced Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion
-Contains vitamins and oils that give your skin a beautiful glow8.5 OzCheck price here

Top 10 indoor tanning lotions for 2019

  1. Tanlife tanning butter – safely melts it your skin without tuning it greasy

Tanlife tanning butter tanning lotionIf you want to achieve a base tan with a tanning lotion, the tanlife tanning butter is the one to go for. It helps you a perfect base turn without having side effects on your skin such as streaking. However, the lotion could develop rashes for sensitive skin users.

For tattoo lovers, this lotion protects your skin from fading; you can be sure that you won’t have to look into your mirror again to check for an ageing skin. It comes with anti-ageing benefits to keep your skin smooth and healthy.


  • Shea formula that is sensitive to skin
  • Advanced matrixyl Synthe 6 that has anti-ageing and skin firming benefits
  • Contains acquacell which reduces your wrinkles
  • Superbly smooth butter that maintains the glow of your natural skin
  • Does not erase your skin color marks

One great quality of this tanning lotion is that it is hypoallergenic. There is less than 5% chance of you getting any allergies from using it to tan your skin. More so, it keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated. If you got skin that is sensitive or reactive to new products you use, you could try using tanlife tanning butter. It’s safer to use compared to other tanning lotions.

Are you a tattoo lover and still want your skin tanned? You need not worry about losing your tattoo for the lotion will not erase any artificial marks or drawings on your skin.


  • Comes with a sweet fragrance
  • When used often it helps in the treatment of eczema


  • Low tan-boost


Tanning your skin is a healthy way of maintaining your skin and keeping it in its best form. However, if your skin is allergic to new products used or oils, worry not as this product contains hypoallergenic properties that make it less allergic to your skin.

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  1. Swedish she you want me beauty bronzer – suitable for persons with fair skins

Shea You Want Me tanning butterThe benefits that you get from the ingredients that make up this product makes you want to buy it immediately. Key ingredients include henna and black walnut. Black walnut is known for its immense benefits in providing a natural skin medicinal value as well as being an essential nutrient food source. Beware that the product could get super flaky and thicken your skin.


  • Improves your skin color while providing lasting results
  • Instant bronzer rich in moisture
  • Excellent mix for skin elegance and color
  • Fragrance-free


If you want to tan your skin but also treat a given skin condition; this product is a perfect fit for you. Black walnut has an excellent medicinal value that comes from its hull known to be rich in nutrients. Apart from its antioxidant properties it also has got minerals and beneficial fatty acids that improve appearance and health of your skin. The black walnut in this product treat skin conditions such as acne, pimples, skin blemishes, psoriasis and eczema.

This product also contains henna, a botanical ingredient that has been used decades over as a traditional medicinal plant to treat skin conditions such as eczema. Its fresh leaves are usually used as an antiseptic for bacterial and fungal infections.


  • Hypoallergenic –no reactions whatsoever
  • Gives one a natural turn
  • Good skin moisturizer
  • Reliable fast bronzing product


  • The lotion is highly flaky and makes you feel thick on your skin.


The Swedish beauty bronzer has got you covered if you suffer from a skin condition such as the ones listed above. This product offers you the best option if you want to tan your skin while treating it.

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  1. Maui Babe tanning browning lotion –made for the purpose of specifically tanning bed

Maui Babe tanning browning lotion Looking for an instant skin bronzer? This product will definitely meet your needs. It has powerful skin- transforming ingredients that will give you that brilliant look you yearn for. Conducive for your evening routine. Ensures your skin is well protected while asleep. Product difficult to get out of tanning bed once used.


  • Enhances deep and well-tanned dark skin
  • Works well in salon tanning bed
  • Creates a soft and moisturizing effect for your skin
  • Safe with no mineral oils

The Maui babe tanning lotion contains Kukui nut oil, a coffee extract –Kona, anti-oxidants, Potassium lodide and Vitamins such as A, C and E. These are some of the finest skin ingredients you will ever find in a lotion. Kukui nut has the ability to get into the deeper skin layers; quite a rare feature in many skin ingredients. Kukui also protects your skin by forming a layer of oil barrier that protects your skin from natural damage. The oil is emollient; comes with th3 ability to make your skin soft and smooth.

Sunburns are detestable. They rid your skin of the perfect natural look. Maui babe lotion offers you a good mix through its oil that contains Omega -3-fatty acids. These fatty acids are able to treat sunburns, skin that is damaged and dry. You want to consider this lotion product for other over the counter drugs.


  • Sweet coffee aroma
  • Natural with no harmful mineral oils
  • Comes with a piece of tape over the cap to prevent licking
  • Packed with a sealed Ziploc-like bag
  • Has both the indoor and outdoor type
  • Fits well for salon tanning
  • Stainless


  • Oily and greasy
  • Itchy with sensitive skin
  • Coffee like smell an irritant to a sensitive sense of smell


If you love the use of natural products, Maui babe lotion is the product to go for. It keeps your skin safe from the long-term side effects of using. This product will also be of immense medicinal value to your skin. Protects your skin from sunburns and nourishes your skin with natural oils.

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  1. Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator– mild tingling effect with tanning intensifiers

Australian Gold CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator Dark Natural BronzersFor lovers of that stinging sensation, the Australian Gold cheeky brown lotion gives you exactly that. It makes you enjoy that mild tingling when you tan. Tea tree oil forms a major part of its ingredients that are responsible for the mild tingling effect. The lotion is quite runny, a feature that may not go well with some buyers.


  • Good product for indoor and outdoor use
  • Comes with a coco dreams fragrance
  • Top rated in dark tanning with a bronzer.
  • Skin-hydrating ingredients

This lotion has a bronzer and tanning intensifiers that enhance your tan quality. Recommended for tanners with fair skin. Carries with it other skin-rich formulas such as biosine complex, a formula containing henna and caramel, aloe and panthenol. Henna and caramel are responsible for giving your skin a sun look appearance. Australian cheeky brown lotion helps you achieve a dark tanned skin fast. The biosine complex makes your skin achieve a natural tan fast enough through stimulation of pigment production. Also helps keep your skin smooth and moisturized.

The biosine complex is a concoction of several other ingredients that include tea tree oil, panthenol and a blend of olive oil. These ingredients are the ones responsible for the increased production of UV-catalyzed production of melanin. Panthenol and aloe keep your skin healthy.

To start off on a good note, do tanning this lotion daily. Ensure to tan only up to half the time allowed on the tanning bed. Increase you tanning time gradually and make sure to incorporate lotions with bronzers in your tanning. Using different levels of the turning bed is recommended to increase your skin color.


  • Good moisturizer
  • Aromatic perfume
  • Doesn’t get rubbed off with clothing
  • Works well for fairly skin people
  • Gives a quicker town
  • Bronzer


  • Tan odor not pleasant
  • Bronze could leave marks on you if not careful.


You get a good deal with this product if you want an extra feeling that is more than just tanning- a mild tingling effect. Good product for starters with the hunger to get tanned and moisturize their skin.

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  1. Coconut kisses golden tanning lotion – stops your tattoos from fading in UV light

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning LotionCoconut lotion comes with a rare feature that makes tattoo lovers also enjoy the tanning bed. It contains two main components tyrosine and melanin. These components speed up the tanning process reducing the amount of time you have to spend on the tanning bed. Comes with a strong scent that has the potential of causing migraines.


  • Contains quad tyrosine blend and melanobronze that aid in melanin formation speeding up the tanning process
  • Comes with a coconut oil and coconut milk blend giving a golden tan
  • Tanning intensifiers that achieve the same results as using bronzing agents
  • BodyFit that helps reduce cellulite appearance
  • Contains Melactiva that synthesizes Melanin and maintains the dark tanning result for long

The fragrance aspect of this lotion brought about by coconut oil and coconut butter makes it a darling of many fans. The two coconut products have long been used in the skin and beauty industry and are quite popular with quality skin lovers. Has also a Body Fit formula that makes cellulite invisible. Comes with tanning intensifiers that have no tingling effect.

If you happen to be a fan of coconut oil and butter, then this product isn’t new to you since it contains them. You cannot fail to notice the amazing effects of coconut butter on your skin. It is an excellent moisturizer which gives this lotion its moisturizer quality; prevents your skin from drying and cracking. Coconut butter is also known for its natural antioxidant properties that keep your skin healthy from inside out. Skin rashes, ageing and dermatitis are also eliminated with coconut butter. It contains compounds called cocoa mass polyphenols that act as antioxidants in getting rid of these skin defects. It is also a good home remedy that provides a soothing effect on burns and infections.

You will also love the coconut kisses golden lotion because of its coconut oil ingredient. It’s a natural antifungal and antibacterial oil that gives your skin protection against infections. Compared to other oils it penetrates your skin better achieving a better moisturizing effect for your skin.


  • Sun-kissed glow
  • Amazing smell
  • Eliminates after-tan smell
  • Stainless


  • Chemical reactions


The benefits of this lotion to your skin cannot be understated. If you are a lover of coconut products go or this product as it will supplement your coconut product already in use. There is no question as to whether a tattoo lover will want to use it as it is the best option in preventing your tattoo from fading.

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  1. Peace and harmony tanning intensifier Bronzing Moisturizer lotion – gives your skin a young look

Peace & Harmony Tanning Intensifier Bronzing Moisturizer Lotion While nature has a way of balancing life and completing a life cycle, not many would like to forget their youth and the young beautiful skin that fades with it. A wrinkled and old skin can only be the last wish of any beauty pundit. Luckily, peace and harmony tanning lotion takes care of your ageing skin. Be careful with bronzers as they could leave marks on your skin.


  • Achieves a long lasting dark tan result
  • Tightens and energizes skin
  • Dark tanning activator that makes your skin glow
  • Softens skin without any irritation effects

Ingredients contained in this product include wheat protein, tea extract and melanobronze. Tea extract has the same effect of a wheat protein on your skin. They rejuvenate your skin giving it a younger appearance. The lotion is also rich in Gluten, paraben and oil that work with all skin types. Also contains cotton and rice extracts that help soften your skin while limiting irritation.

The tea extract in the lotion comes with numerous benefits to your skin. It offers a natural protection against pollutants in your environment. Flavonoids found in tea extract improve the immunity of your skin giving it natural protection against external skin infections. If affected by redness tea extract acts as an anti-flammatory agent through soothing your skin.


  • Great golden glows without the use of bronzers
  • Keeps your skin soft and hydrated.
  • Does not shade on cloth


  • Lacks bronzers
  • Runny


You don’t need to labor looking for that product that will rejuvenate your skin. Peace and harmony tanning intensifier is able to give you that perfect, flawless skin that tightens together in peace and harmony.

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  1. Hempz tanning dark tan Maximizer lotion –works fine with sensitive skin

Hempz HYPOALLERGENIC DARK TAN If you got sensitive skin, consider using consider using Hempz tanning lotion. The challenge, however, could be that it smells a little bit waxy.


  • Non-greasy
  • Hydrates gentle skin
  • Has oatmeal that sooth and comforts
  • Natural ingredients that nourish your skin

Tanning makes your skin look brilliant and smooth. For that to happen, you need to purchase a tanning lotion that best suits your skin. However, not all fans have the benefit of using their product of choice for the simple reason that their skin is sensitive and is bound to react with some tanning lotions in the market.

This lotion causes no allergic reaction owing to its hypoallergenic nature. It contains very powerful ingredients that include mango seed butter, oatmeal, and pure hemp seed oil.These ingredients have the potential of moisturizing your skin.


  • Nourishes skin
  • Natural product with no harmful chemicals


  • Lacks scent


Hempz lotion works best with skin that is sensitive. If you are also sensitive to smells, you could consider using this product as it has no scent. Good for starters.

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  1. Australian Gold Deep Dark Bronzing tanning lotion – a skin softener with a striking berry fragrance

Australian Gold Sinfully Black 15x Deep Dark Bronzing Tanning LotionLotion gives you a perfect tan with its tanning ingredients. You don’t have to visit a tanning salon for that matter. Be careful not to put on clothes or wrap yourself with a towel as it stains.


  • Striking berry fragrance
  • Hydrates your skin
  • Bronzer

The Australian gold deep dark lotion strikes you with its array of ingredients that includes bronzing powder, extract form walnut shell, caramel, kukui nut oil, vitamins and sunflower oil. All these ingredients come from very rich sources of nutrients that can nourish your skin and give it its perfect outlook.


  • Can be used for tanning indoor and outdoor
  • Keeps skin moist with no streaks


  • Product tans well in the outdoor and tan beds; doesn’t give the best results during winter in tan beds alone


If you have a soft spot for fragrance this product will suit you well. Its berry fragrance is irresistible and comes with a range of other nutritious skin products that nourish your skin. Also a perfect fit for those looking forward to softening their skin.

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  1. Trinity XS sizzling tingle tanning lotion – A skin-firming lotion that comes with a sizzling tingle

 Trinity XS Mega Extreme XXX Sizzling Tingle Tanning LotionSo, you are not new to tanning but you began a long time ago; you have stayed consistent and you still want to try out new products that come with a tingling sensation? You have got Trinity XS lotion to consider before putting your mind on to another product. This product works well with level 3 tanning beds and above. Using level 1 and 2 beds put you at risk of getting much of the tingling effect which makes the experience irritating for you.


  • Pure Citrus fragrance
  • Comes with a Mega extreme sizzling tingle
  • Black bronze silicon emulsion
  • Bronzers are both natural and cosmetic
  • Carries anti-ageing and farming ingredients
  • RevitaFit for skin-firming

If you are more concerned in getting a firm skin, triple XS lotion gives you that skin firming attribute you have been looking for. When not comfortable in your body odor. Trinity comes packed with deodorizing agents that give you that give you that fresh smell of a ripe fruit. Ingredients for freshening your skin are blended with a number of accelerators that work to produce the skin pigment melanin.

This achieves fast dark tanning results. For tingling lovers during tanning, this product has got you covered with a rare sizzling tingle that works best in level 3 and above tanning beds. The benefits of tingling components are that they are able to intensify tan and enhance circulation. Beware of interacting with your pet or kids after tanning as the tingling effect will cause them to burn. Ensure to take a shower before you interact with people and animals.

Trinity XS has a strong anti-ageing peptide that helps get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. This product also enhances micro-circulation in the skin with RevitaFit. RevitaFit is responsible for tightening and toning your skin. Its design is made up of a thermal active blend with extremely hot action ingredients responsible for microcirculation in the skin. The microcirculation helps to increase oxygen production. This, in turn, provides tanning results that are deeper and darker. Also comes with slimming benefits. Dark DHA works to bring about dark results 3 hours after the completion of your tanning session.


  • Great bronzers
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Tingles well
  • Orange tann


  • Body itching with allergic skin
  • Not the best product for those seeking a strong tingle but does well for beginners.
  • Tanning generates heat which could be unpleasant for beginners


We would definitely recommend this product as it comes with a sizzling tingle not found in many lotions. The product also has got an array of ingredients for your skin that can help you make informed decisions depending on your taste and preferences.

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  1. On the prowl Australian Gold tanning bed lotion – covers your skin defects such as cellulite

Australian Gold On the Prowl Advanced Bronzer Tanning Bed LotionThough you know you may have that perfect body but something isn’t right with your skin. Worry not because own the prowl AG tanning lotion has the potential to hide your skin irregularities such as cellulite and freckles. Beware that if you are looking forward to darkening your skin, this is not the best bronzer.


  • Finish primer that makes your skin perfect
  • Comes with a girly glow
  • Blend of exotic and wild berries that nourish and protect your smooth skin
  • Robust colors complex

On the prowl tanning lotion will strike you with its ability to get rid of your skin imperfections. This is made possible by the nutrient-rich ingredients that make up the lotion. On the ingredients list, you got Mahakanni extract, erythrulose, DHA and a blend of wild berries. With the mahakanni extract, you got the benefit of getting a strong skin color complexion that combines natural bronzers with DHA and lasts longer. Mahakanni is extracted from the Eclipta Alba which tans your skin naturally.

The lotion has also got the finest finish primer. It works by filling in unwanted spots and clears imperfections to give your skin a radiant appearance. If you are also looking for a product that can rejuvenate and hydrate your skin, have no doubts about this AG lotion. It has a blend of berries that include Muntries, Lilly pilly and exotic berries that achieve this effect.


  • Good fit to those tanning first time
  • Comes with bronzer
  • Sweet enticing fragrance
  • Leaves soft feeling on your skin
  • Good color


  • Works best with first-time tanners


Are you looking for a perfect skin? We recommend this product for your use. It doesn’t disappoint in giving you that smooth, hydrated and protected skin with a fine touch.

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Here are factors to consider before buying that tanning lotion

List of ingredients

We are not refuting the claim that these lotions are some of the best in the market. Fact is, every buyer is looking for a lotion that will suit their tanning needs. What better way to know the true value of a lotion: list of ingredients. The list of what your tanning lotion contains will help you make the right choice on the best lotion fit for you.

Natural vs Chemical tanning lotions

Again, it all boils down to what you want. For those who are more cautious with their skin and overall health, you may want to consider lotions that are free of chemicals. Luckily for you, we have the chemical-free lotions for you on our list. Chemicals make most of the different products we buy, however, we cannot rule out 100% the probability of these chemicals being unsafe for your health.

Price of the lotion

Price of a given tanning lotion does not necessarily equate to the value of the lotion you buy. Different factors combined determine the price tag you see on a lotion container. These factors include the cost of the lotions design, ingredients and manufacturing; the cost of marketing and the cost of distribution. In as much as these factors determine pricing the percentage of skin-tanning ingredients in these lotions is what should inform your decision rather than price.

Indoor or outdoor tanning lotions

Best Indoor Tanning Lotion

Buyers have different tastes and preferences when it comes to what place they want to get tanned. Question is where do you want to get tanned? If you are a fan of outdoor tanning, you want to go for an outdoor tanning lotion with a sunblock for your protection against solar light. If an indoor tanning fan, an indoor tanning lotion suits you best. You will also need a sunblock on top of you to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the tanning bed.


No need to live with that milky white skin when we have got you covered with the best tanning lotions in the market. You only need to decide to use one and our product guide will give you extensive information on what you need to know before parting with the money you got. For instance, there are those tanning lotions that will come with bronzers, others come with a tingling effect on your skin, and some strike you with their irresistible fragrance while others have strong intensifiers. All these factors are important and count in your decision making but it all boils down to you: What are you looking for?

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