5 Benefits of Indoor Tanning

Are there benefits of indoor tanning ? For years you have heard that the sun is bad for you. Slather on the sunscreen or you will get cancer!! Is a phrase we are all very familiar with. We are also told over and over again that tanning can cause premature signs of aging by drying out our skin and other horror stories about what will happen to us if we are caught out without our sunscreen. They do not however explain the health benefits of sunlight and tanning.

Tanning is not just a way to help you look good it also good for your health. Indoor tanning was originally developed in Europe as a way to help people who were unable to get out into the sunshine obtain the benefits of sun exposure. It wasn’t until indoor tanning reached America that it was used as more of a cosmetic treatment then a medical one.

Benefits of Indoor Tanning- Vitamin D

benefits of indoor tanning

The human body needs the help of sunlight to maintain the correct levels of vitamin D. As much as 95% of your daily intake of vitamin D comes from the UV and UVA rays of the sun. Did you know that 70% of Americans are dangerously vitamin D deficient? Its true.

Due to all the scares the sunscreen industry as fed to the American people about cancers of the skin most Americans slather on way too much sunscreen and the side effect of that is a sever vitamin D deficiency. A indoor tanning session can help you to safely replace a large amount of the vitamin D your body needs and craves to be healthy.

New research has shown that sufficient amounts of vitamin D will protect you against certain types of cancers. Just a few minutes of indoor tanning a week can help to reduce your risk of prostrate, breast, cervical, ovarian and colon cancer.

Lack of enough vitamin D in your system also leads to such diseases of the bones as rickets. Rickets is a bone bending disease that was prevalent 100 years ago and now seems to be making a comeback. Other problems with bones that a lack of vitamin D causes are diabetes, hypertension and osteoporosis. Spending a few minutes a week at your local indoor tanning facility can greatly reduce your risk while keeping you safe from any harmful effects from over exposure to sunlight.

Many of you who are reading this right now are thinking that you get plenty of vitamin D from your foods and from supplements you may be taking. That may not be true however. Most of the vitamin D found in food sources comes from milk. Did you know it takes 100 glasses of milk to equal the vitamin D in just 30 minutes of sunlight? That may not be true.

Too much vitamin D from supplements can cause your body to over- process calcium, while the vitamin D we receive from exposure to the UV and UVA rays of sunlight can be either used or if de-metabolized naturally.

Another benefit of using indoor tanning facilities is the tan itself operates as a natural protection against sunburn. Unlike most sunscreens a tan provides a reliable protection against the harmful effects of the sun and it will not rub off, wash off or wear off like a sunscreen can. Did you know a sun block with a rating of as little as 8spf can halt your body’s ability to create vitamin D from sunlight?

Regularly utilizing an indoor tanning facility is not just for looking good. It is also a therapeutic treatment for many illnesses. If you suffer from psoriasis, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and all forms of arthritic.

We are not trying to convince you to rush out and spend hours in the sun to get a tan nor do we want you to spend hours laying in indoor tanning equipment. No, we do not wish to minimize the dangers the effects of too much sun can cause in anyway. The truth is too much of a good thing is just as bad as too much of anything and that goes double for the UV and UVB rays of the sun.

The truth is too much sun has been linked to skin cancers like melanoma. The other side of the truth is not enough sun creates a dangerous vitamin D deficiency. So how do you strike that healthy balance between too much and not enough? By utilizing an indoor tanning salon!

The professionals at an indoor tanning salon are specially trained in helping you to strike a balance between healthy sun and not so healthy sun
while also helping you to reap the cosmetic benefits of a gorgeous golden glow.

When utilizing an indoor tanning facility you should take a few things into consideration to maximize your experience. Indoor tanning salons offer you a great way to get the beautiful healthy bronze color you crave along with the vitamin D your body needs in the safest way possible.

We will evaluate your skin type for tanning. If you fall into the genetic category of those who just do not tan we will advise you not to try. For those who have a skin tone that will take a nice healthy tone out tanning professionals can advise you on how to go about getting the exact color you are looking for.

When you first go into a indoor tanning salon be prepared to answer a few questions. Healthy tanning is our business and we take it very seriously. We need to know what medications you may be on, what your skin type is, and will recommend those products that you must use to remain safe and reach the level of color you wish to obtain. The reason we need to know what medications you are taking has to do with photosensitive reaction.

A photosensitive reaction is a drug induced reaction that appears as exaggerated sunburn. We want you to be safe and happy with your experience and some medications both over the counter and prescription can cause a severe burn in just a few minutes. Even herbal and natural remedies can cause this problem. If you are taking any medications at all please double check with your pharmacist before coming into the tanning salon. While our tanning technicians are very knowledgeable it is best to be 100% sure.

We will evaluate your skin type for tanning. If you fall into the genetic category of those who just do not tan we will advise you not to try. For those who have a skin tone that will take a nice healthy tone out tanning professionals can advise you on how to go about getting the exact color you are looking for.

You will be expected to wear protective eyewear while in the tanning equipment. Not wearing the eyewear can result in serious injuries to your eyes including photokeratitis, (Cornea Sunburn), cataracts, pterygium (Abnormal tissue growth) and damage to the cornea.

You will need to use a specially formulated indoor tanning lotion. In order to achieve as well as keep your tan you need to make sure your skin is as healthy as possible both before and after tanning. The lotion we recommend is specially formulated to hydrate your skin to negate the drying aspect of tanning. We all know too much sun can age your skin prematurely.

It is not the UV or UVB rays that do this but rather it is the drying of the skin they can cause. The use of the right lotions enhanced with the right blend of vitamins and minerals can not only solve the dryness problem but also help you to prolong the life of your tan.

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