10 Top Tanning Lotions

Finding the best tanning lotion is arguably the real challenge self tanners face. Here are 10 top tanning lotions.
Getting a tanning lotion can be as easy as picking one out at the salon or tan specialty store, or maybe even getting the cheapest or most expensive one out there if you wish. However, there’s no guarantee that it’s the right one for your delicate skin. You never know if you’ll end up ridiculously orange that you’d rather literally turn into one just to be hidden out of sight!

#1 Best Selling Top Tanning Lotions

Not everyone has to learn the hard way or have to go through trial and error, but anyone who acquires the right tanning lotion for their skin can have a gorgeous tan!

Our team of expert tanners have done all the legwork for you through researching revolutionary products and testing out the tanning lotions as they bask under the summer sun or enjoy their tanning sessions. Here you will find the results, recommendations, and definitely the best tanning solutions at the best prices.

Here are the best of the best, the top tanning lotions readily available to you, outlined and limited to 10 exceptional most sought-after brands which pave the way for the wisest choice.

This list comes in no particular order, since there’s one top tanning lotion that’s perfect for every tanner. You can quickly browse through each one’s overview and easily compare all of them.

Take a closer look if you deem necessary, as each have been thoroughly tested and reviewed in relevance to its primary features, the manufacturer, size and style, consistency, application, scent, cost, and most importantly, the darkening results.

1. Designer Skin Luminary Tanning Lotion 25X

Designer Skin Luminary Tanning LotionA tanning solution for all tanning users, this lotion grants you a long-lasting color that glows not only with a dark tan but with radiant, irresistibly smooth skin.

It’s easy to apply and gives off a great scent while tanning and even afterwards.

The only downside is the price, but is actually worth every penny especially once you ultimately reach your tanning plateau!

Designer skin luminary tanning lotion is one of the best selling tanning lotions.

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2. Millennium Paint It Black Tanning Lotion 50x

Paint It Black Tanning LotionGreat results at a great price which may be the lowest rate you can find for a self-tanner.

It applies evenly, dries up quickly, and has a heavenly vanilla scent. This lotion is best for individuals who wish to go up one level on their tanning venture, where a base tan is already achieved.

It’s the best choice for anyone on a tight tanning budget which does not come cheap at all with the results you can see for yourself.

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3. JWOWW Black Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion

top tanning lotions, 10  Top Tanning LotionsGet the rich, deep dark color you’ve wished for that elicits a striking glamorous glow.

Application can be easily performed and delightful too with its almost delicious smell.

It may be more costly than other lotions, but you can be sure that its gives great value for your money.

Jwoww black bronzer will have you turning heads and breaking hearts with your dark sexy color.

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4. Australian Gold Sinfully Black Tanning Lotion 15X

Top tanning lotionsA product brought to you by a reputable brand, this tanning solution is one of the best bronzers that comes at an unbeatable price!

It spreads evenly during application though it tends to be a bit runny, and the scent is defined by luscious berries.

Overall, it produces a nice, natural-looking rich dark color.

Not as popular as the Millenium & Designer Skin tanning lotion but it’s still a top tanning lotion product that’s worth our mention and we highly recommend you try it.

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5. Millennium Tanning Black Storm Lotion 60X

Top tanning lotion bronzerOne of today’s favorites by many tanners, this lotion holds a unique auto-darkening technology in line with silicone emulsion, which creates a gorgeous tan.

This quality is enhanced by its powerful acai oil natural ingredient, which renders skin super soft.

It can consume a substantial amount during application but at the price you can get it, it’s definitely worth it!

You can let go of any orange worries with this tanning solution.

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6. Millennium Solid Black Tanning Lotion 100X

Millennium Tanning Dark Tanning Lotion 100XA lusciously rich, beautiful tan is what you get with this intense tanning solution. One of the top tanning lotions.

The floral smell is real nice, but the lotion can be slightly runny so you would have to ensure even application.

Your efforts will surely pay off, for it brings about spectacular tanning results in a flash!

It will make you proud with your skin and leave you feeling beautiful inside and out (yes, we really mean that). It’s one of Millennium’s top selling tanning lotions for a reason.

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7. Australian Gold JWOWW One and Done Tanning Lotion

JWOWW One and Done Tanning LotionYou get a bottle pretty in blue, and you end up beautiful in bronzed skin!

On top of that, your skin is completely moisturized with its yogurt based formulation.

It’s a bit thick which requires rubbing thoroughly when applying it, but you won’t have to do it often since it brings about darkening results fast in as little as 1 session.

It obviously earned it’s name “One and Done” – so if you’re in a hurry to get a quick tan, we highly recommend you get this lotion.

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8. Designer Skin Obsidian 30X

Designer Skin Obsidian 30XA tanning product ideal for highly experienced tanners.

This lotion has a thin consistency that rubs smoothly, but somehow produces a light tingle sensation.

You can feel just how potent it is and you are bound to see an extra dark glow in your desired shade.

It’s a tanning solution that can help you greatly overcome the tanning plateau you are currently at.

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9. Designer Skin Black 20X Tanning Lotion

Designer Skin Black 20X Tanning LotionA long lasting tanning lotion not only with the results you get but with the contents of the bottle itself.

Even pale-looking skin will undergo an amazing transformation towards an unbelievably natural dark tan appearance.

If you want results fast, then you’ll get it fast.

This wondrous silicone emulsion leaves you feeling so lusciously smooth & soft that it practically melts into your skin. We highly recommend this lotion for tanning beginners.

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10. Supre – Snooki Ultra Dark Black Tanning Lotion

Supre Snooki Ultra Dark Black Tanning LotionNot only will you achieve a nice, bronzed look, but you’ll be delighted with the cool features of this tanning lotion.

The bottle itself is quite stylishly sexy, quirky and fashionable.

It’s preferably used after having a base tan, but may have a bit of a limy feeling during use.

You probably won’t mind once people notice your glowing tan and baby soft skin!

Even though it’s not as popular as the other lotions – it still makes our top 10 list.

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The Different Types of Tanning Lotion

Holds natural oils and bronzers which when exposed to the sun, aids in darkening skin pigments and may contain a low levels of broad spectrum sunscreen. Beat the heat with almost any of the best, high quality top tanning lotions carefully applied over the best sunscreen for full protection and unsurpassed tanning effects.

Sunbathing can equate to sunburn if the skin is left bare and unprotected from the sun, and indoor tanning makes the best alternative. This develops a dark tan color on your skin without requiring exposure to sunlight. This type is actually known to create a long-lasting tan. The Millennium Solid Black Tanning Lotion 100X and Designer Skin Luminary are perfect as indoor tanning lotions ideal for tanning beds.

Helps tanners achieve a deeper skin color in a very short time. It produces a bronzed look through its natural bronzers along with other natural ingredients which moisturize skin and make it glow.

As its name suggests, this promotes rapid darkening or bronzing of skin by means of activating melanin production in your body’s cell pigments. Tanning is achieved dramatically faster while keeping your skin hydrated and rejuvenated in no time.

Formulated to swiftly deepen skin tone and works by drawing more blood into the skin’s surface. The melanin in your skin absorbs more oxygen, which intensifies the effects of UV rays. This is not recommended for beginners and tanners with sensitive skin, since it is commonly associated with redness and burning sensations. Designer Skin Obsidian 30X is a good lotion with slight tingle effects.

What to Look for When Buying Tanning Lotions

Given the various types of top Tanning Lotions, your options would now be streamlined according to your purpose.

To further help you finalize your choice, here are the main factors to consider and qualities to look for:

Effectiveness – A tanning lotion should never be substituted for a broad spectrum SPF sunscreen, which significantly prevents the development of skin cancers. It’s best to look for a tanning solution that manages to be effective when paired with sunscreen. This ensures you get only the glowing aftereffects of lying safely under the sun for hours, or upon emerging from a relaxing tanning session experience.

Darkening Results – This mainly depends on your level on the tanning plateau, such as if you need a base tan first, require a stronger formulation, or maintaining the tanning plateau you have already conquered! The tan you get would never be deemed fake nor give you nightmare of orange streaks when you make use of only the best tanning product. The new dark color of your skin will be in its most natural-looking bronzed appearance.

Tanning Time – The amount of time required to achieve your target level of skin bronzing is considered to give you an idea of when you can expect to see results. The best tanning lotions give you the perfect bronzed look you want in the least amount of time, or slowly but surely in the most natural way.

NourishmentThe perfect tanning lotion goes beyond bronzing and tanning, as it works its way on your skin while locking moisture and constantly nourishing it. Natural ingredients produce a smooth and supple, soft and silky skin while it typically holds age-defying substances for a firmer, wrinkle-free tan skin.


Your main goal of using a tanning lotion is to make your dreams of a beautiful tan come true. Pick one from the 10 top tanning lotions today and you’ll soon be glowing happily and living your life with a perfect bronzed look!

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