All about 6 Easy Tanning Beds Types

Indoor tanning is more mainstream than ever and tanning beds are the center of it. As controversial as they are they also bring hope to countless people seeking the next best thing to sun basking on the beach. The upward trend in tanning bed use extends beyond tanning salons. Home tanning beds are also becoming increasingly popular. The appreciation of feeling the warmth of the sun on your body in addition to a lovely tan during winter can only be replicated on a tanning bed.

It’s a convenience because not everyone can spend their holidays tanning in a sun rich tropical island. This is just one instance where sunbeds can prove beneficial. Interest in a particular design should take into account whether they’ll be used for home use or for commercial purposes. We demystifies the complexities of tanning beds, simplifying any choice you make.

Main Tanning Bed Components

  • Design consists of a bench and canopy for conventional tanning beds, the prevailing and most popular style is the tunnel design. Standing tanning beds are vertical therefore the chassis is vertical rather than horizontal and a bench nor canopy is necessary.
  • UV Bulbs emit UV light and vary in wattage. Ordinarily 100 watts are used but stand up designs use 160 watts. High pressure tanning beds and high pressure facial tanners use 250w-2500 watt quartz lamps. The output is arbitrary but it is advisable to use the recommended watts for specific designs.
  • Acrylics are necessary for the efficient transmission of UV light and like UV lamps they must be changed after certain hourly use, usually between 1500-3000 hours.
  • Cooling consists of two kinds, internal cooling, which cools the tanning bed and body cooling which keeps the body cool when tanning on the bench. Body cooling is usually optional and comes standard with higher end designs.
  • Timers are either standard or digital. They basically keep track of session time as an hour counter that tracks UV lamp usage. The functions on some timers are very sophisticated while others are very limited.

Home Tanning Beds

Once regarded as a luxury for the affluent, home tanning beds are now affordable enough for ordinary citizens to have in their own homes. The cost is not the only justification, there is also the hygiene aspect as well as tanning in complete privacy. Savings is also an attraction, just think about the money you can save, money that otherwise would have been spent in a tanning salon.

The main lure could very well be the quality, it is hard to distinguish a tanning bed that is designed for the home and one that is built for tanning salons. Residential tanning beds are designed to be plugged into any home electricity outlet. Simply plug them in without having to worry about special modifications to your home wiring. Ideal examples are sunquest tanning beds, they are reasonably priced, and are powerful enough to tan the entire body evenly bronze.

Commercial Tanning Beds

commercial tanning bedThe tanning beds you normally use at tanning salons are specially designed for commercial use. They are not simply low pressure but also medium pressure and high pressure. They usually have more tanning lamps, often not less than 32 100 watts bulbs, usually 16 on the canopy and 16 on the bench.

Their cooling system is also more sophisticated and advanced and this is important because they are usually operated all day long. They also have other added options aimed at pleasing a diverse customer base. Special electrical wiring is also needed for most commercial designs, they are simply too powerful to be powered by ordinary 110-120V electricity. You can sum them up as being able to withstand heavier use.

This is vital to tanning business owners who rely on durable and dependable machines that are able to withstand the rigor of everyday use. Added options might include digital timers to keep track of customer use, UV lamps, acrylics and other important functions vital to operation.

More high end designs even feature mp3 players with speakers, air conditioning cooling and of course high pressure facial and side arm tanners. The assortment of companies selling these kinds of commercial designs are Ergoline and Sundash, two well established companies that have been supplying tanning beds for many years.

High Pressure Tanning Beds

Some say these are the tanning beds of the future, whether this will materialize, remains to be seen. They are certainly cutting edge, and the main appeal of high pressure tanning beds is their ability to give you a faster tan that stays on much longer. This breakthrough in tanning bed technology is astounding to say the least.

This feat is not without a heavy price, these machines are astronomically expensive and using them is also pricey, costing more than 4 times more than low pressure tanning beds. A marveling contrivance that uses extremely high wattage heraeus quartz tanning lamps, they are for now limited and time will tell if they will be the standard in tanning beds.

Stand Up Tanning Bed a.k.a UV Tanning Booth

Some like to lay down others like getting their tan standing up. That’s what this kind of design is all about. A tanning booth, might at first seem awkward, after all when we natural tan we’re laying on either our back or stomach.

That’s the natural way, the point of this design is not what is natural, it is about efficiency and also about the most even tan you can get. A body tans evenly in an upright position more so than a body that is laying down on a bench. Aside from the vertical/horizontal difference everything else is identical, although the watts of UV lamps are significantly higher, reducing the time spent tanning.

Canopy Tanning Bed

canopy tanning bedDoes the limited space in your small apartment or studio prevent you from owing a tanning bed? Your answer might very well be a canopy tanning bed. Simple, easy to use and doesn’t take up too much space. Simply fold it in an upright position and store it in the corner of the room or even in a wall closet.

Affordable and very effective in giving you a marvelous tan, just unfold whenever you feel like enjoying a tanning bliss session. Don’t let a small apartment get in the way of tanning in your own place. Don’t misunderstand just how powerful and effective it is, yes it only holds UV lamps in the canopy, but those are high quality wolff lamps, the same as ones in top quality conventional tanning beds.

There is no reason why you can’t enjoy using a tanning bed as long as you adhere to sensible use and moderation. It doesn’t make sense to lay on the beach sunbathing for an entire summer and it doesn’t make sense to use a tanning bed frequently. Countless documentation has been published detailing the risks of ultraviolet rays associated with indoor tanning. Understanding the risks involved with all forms of ultraviolet light is warranted. The intensity of UV radiation in tanning beds is much more intense than natural sun rays and educating yourself on how best to use a tanning bed and how often is good judgment that should be practiced by all indoor tanning enthusiasts.

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