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The Fine Remington MB-200 Trimmer For Mustache and Beard

Remington MB-200

To maintain the perfect beard, mustache, or goatee, a powerful trimmer is required that can glide across the growth and precisely, accurately, and consistently keep it in check. That’s how the Remington MB-200 trimmer does it.

Its powerful motor drives titanium-coated blades that glide effortlessly over each other without the need for lubrication. This allows for close shaves, less pulling, and more cutting when the trimming head passes over your face.


Inside the Remington MB-200

The Remington MB-200 comes with a selector that allows you to choose one of nine length settings, simply by a push of the thumb to roll the adjustment mechanism. The 9 settings are few and simpler than the Philips Nolreco that has 18 settings. It’s a single-handed operation and the beard guard slides to the length setting you need and locks in place. There is no need for popping out one guard to exchange it for another.

Most beard trimmers employ two plates as their cutting mechanism. The Remington MB-200 does the same. The blades are titanium-coated to provide virtually uninterrupted sliding thereby directing the battery’s power and the motor’s torque to concentrate on slicing through the stubble, no matter how thick it may be.

There is also no guesswork as to the level of charge in the batteries. There is an LED light on the side to tell you when the charge is complete. The charging process is effortless and each charge lasts for at least a week’s worth of shaves, even when you use it for a few minutes each day.

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What’s Great About the Remington MB-200?

The unit comes wrapped in a rubber casing, designed for a firm grip. That allows the effortless control of the shaving head which results in accurate edging and comfortable trimming. The power switch and length selectors are located within thumb’s reach and that results in a comfortable one-hand operation to turn it on, off, and to adjust the beard guard length setting without having to use both hands.

The cordless feature is par for the course these days and its inclusion here is a plus. It comes with a rechargeable battery so plugging it in directly to the outlet and trimming while the batteries charge is an option when you’re in a hurry. The LED light is helpful as it leaves no doubt in your mind when the batteries are full and you can unplug them.

It may be a small feature, but it’s one that I like because it makes the whole experience, efficient. When I travel and I am not planning on bringing the charger with me, I make sure I have a full charge before packing it up, and this little LED light allows me to do that.

The blades on the Remington MB-200 are self-sharpening according to the manufacturer. This means that they don’t blunt with repeated use. The titanium coating eliminates oxidation across the cutting surface, and that keeps the blades sharp. The titanium coating also allows a smoother glide across the two blades and that allows them to be positioned closer to each other.

The titanium blades are also part of the reason why it is ok for you to rinse the Remington MB-200′s blades with water. That’s the best way to really clean a trimmer and ensure that the short bristles and hairs are removed from the little nooks and crannies. Not having to lubricate the trimmer also helps with cleaning as it’s one less thing (the lubricant) for the hairs to stick to.

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Remington MB 200 Beard TrimmerHow could the Remington MB-200 be better?

There is a lot to like when it comes to features and quality in the Remington MB-200, but there are a few things that could ideally be improved upon, keeping in mind that this model is priced affordably. The first thing that should be addressed is the dual voltage issue.

The Remington MB-200 is only designed to plug into 110v. I get around this inconvenience by getting a full charge before I get on a plane, but for times when I am away for more than a week, the Remington necessitates that I bring along a converter. This can be rather cumbersome, as I like to travel light. On the flip side, if you don’t tend to travel much this is likely to be less of a disadvantage.

The battery assembly needs a little more thought. The batteries hold up for a few years, and that part is great, but at the end of the third or fourth year the NiCads don’t seem to hold a charge. That would be fine if I could yank them out and replace them, but the batteries are hardwired into the system and the only thing left to do is to pitch an entirely good trimmer, just because the batteries are worn. The only upside is that if it happens within the warranty period, Remington has been good about replacing the whole unit.

Conclusion on the Remington MB-200 Trimmer

The bottom line with the Remington is that it provides are a simple option for those who need a daily shave. The features that are designed into it allow for uncluttered access and easy maneuverability. The straight edge of the trimming head facilitates precise edging and neat borders. What’s even better is that the brand name has a long-standing tradition of top-notch customer service and warranty replacement record.

The Remington can be found in most retail outlets, online and on the main street. Prices online will vary with periodic bargains and discounts across different sites, while prices in stores are fairly consistent.  Amazon has always practiced good shipping policies and prices are usually less expensive than other online outlets.

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