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The Handy Philips BT7201 Rechargeable Beard Trimmer

Philips BT7201 Rechargeable Beard Trimmer Review

Philips BT7201
The Philips BT7201 Rechargeable Beard Trimmer features the best in technology allowing it to be considered the best beard trimmer. The Philips Company makes a wide range of male grooming tools and products that are of superb quality.

This beard trimmer is no different and meets all the standards that you expect Philips products to meet. As a result it has received a number of great reviews online which has brought it to our attention.

Read on to find a description of this Philips trimmer as well as a list of its features and some beard trimmer reviews from persons who own and used the unit.

Philips BT7201 Beard Trimmer Plus Description

This beard trimmer features a soft touch handle for comfort and black side panels for style. This powerful trimmer features a vacuum which allows users a no mess trim and an even beard at the same time. It is great for use not only with beards but also for sideburns and moustaches and you can adjust it to the desired length with the 20 different length settings. Once you select your desired length setting it is locked in so that you can be certain of an even beard all through.

The cutter has a width of 32 mm and you can adjust the length settings at increments of 0.5 mm. The comb has a contour following capability so you will get an even trim even where your face curves. The blades will never need any maintenance on your part; no oiling and no sharpening required but will still remain sharp for years giving you precise cuts.

It comes with a Lithium-Ion battery which is the best type of rechargeable battery out there. With your purchase you will get the beard trimmer along with a cleaning brush.

Philips Turbovac Beard Trimmer Plus Features

  • 20 length sizes with a mechanism that locks in your choice
  • Maintenance free blades need no oiling or sharpening
  • Powerful vacuum for sucking in hairs into storage chamber as you shave
  • Transparent storage chamber makes it easy to tell when you need to empty it
  • Lithium-ion battery for a powerful shave right up to the moment it dies
  • Flexing guide comb for precise trimming in the contours of your face
  • Both corded and cordless use
  • Charging time of 1 hour for 60 minutes shaving time
  • Battery life of up to 50 hours
  • Two year manufacturers worldwide guarantee


Consumer Reviews for Philips BT7201 Beard Trimmer Plus

Philips BT7201 with vacuumOne consumer admits that this is their first purchase of an electric shaver and state that before they would trim their beards with only scissors. Shortly after making his purchased he decided that this was definitely the best beard trimmer at least for him. Now he can easily shave and his beard is now well kept at all times which is something he couldn’t say before owning this unit.

He states that he has used it on a number of settings to decide which look is right for him and has interchanged between a clean cut look and a full beard. He loves the fact that the trimmer doesn’t pull his hair or pinch his skin and so he can shave extremely close without any Knicks in his skin which is super great. He recommends this beard trimmer without hesitation and says though he has no experience with other trimmers he can’t imagine anything better as this fulfils all his shaving needs.

One person who purchased the item actually bought it as a gift for a friend. The receiver loved it so much that they had to write a review for the trimmer. The owner loves the various settings and the fact that the trimmer doesn’t pull his hairs. He also loves the fact that it is rechargeable and holds the charge for so long. He loves this in combination with the fact that the trimmer has the vacuum so he can shave anywhere without making a mess.

Another person purchased this beard trimmer for their dad and said he banned him from using his old shaver for one week while he got used to this trimmer. The result?  –  His dad liked the fact that he could shave or trim up after putting on his clothes without having to worry about hair getting anywhere. The rechargeable battery also is great for those quick touch ups when you have to go out. He definitely recommends this product and considers it to be the best beard trimmer he ever had.


The maintenance free blades are one of its best features as they will never need sharpening or oiling. The vacuum is also great since you don’t have much clean up after use.


It would be nice if it came with a pouch.


This trimmer definitely seems to be a contender for being the best beard trimmer, is it right for you? Only you can decide….

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