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Beard Trimmer for Long Beards – Why Beards Are Sexy !

The long beard look can look very attractive for many guys. The problem a lot of men run into is how to groom their beard so it still looks neat and clean. Just letting a beard grow makes you look like Tom Hanks from Castaway. If you don’t trim it properly that look becomes very unattractive.

I think a lot of guys that have the right beard trimmer for long bears, with the variety of different settings to choose from can find exactly the right style for their beard. The best one on the market will allow men to fit their natural features more promptly. So let’s take a little look and go over the best beard trimmers that’s right just for you.

Why Beards Are Awesome – Should I use a beard trimmer?

To grow or not to grow is the question. Growing a beard is a big step to make it one’s appearance, because you’re changing how your face looks. The baby face shave is  definitely good for a lot of guys. But some men want to look more masculine in their appearance. You ultimately will be the best judge of character of how a beard looks on you. It really largely depends on your hair color, and the length of your hair on how long to grow a beard. For many guys, as they get older they often love growing beards for a few reasons.

For one many middle aged men start to lose their hair, and two wrinkles and blemishes start to take effect. A beard sorta hides these aging features and adds a new look. One where many women have embraced and find rather attractive.

Bald – If you’re completely bald or shaved then growing a beard is definitely welcome. Long beards should be ruled out though. It just look sorta odd for most bald men to have no hair, then a full beard as well. If you’re going to have a full beard at least make sure its trim very nice and close to the face.

The best look is the circle beard, know as the goatee for those that are completely shaved. Usually men in their mid 20s to 40s can easily get away with this look. It makes you really look like a man, and a lot more masculine in your appearance.

Short to Medium – If you have the weave, flat top, crew cut, or other common short to medium hair styles. Then short trimmed beard are the best. The chin curtain and short trimmed beard with a trimmed mustached is the very popular look that’s in style for younger men with very short to medium cut hair styles.

Long Hair – If you’re a man with longer hair, luckily just about any facial style looks really good. A full long beard looks really well for men with medium, to long hair styles. It makes you look older, but men in their 40s to 60s look very mature with this kind of look.

Round Face – I found for rounder faces facial hair looks great. However, the close cut beards look the best. Almost a stubble appearance of a beard with no facial hair on the neck area looks very hot for both younger men and older men.

Best Beard Trimmers to Buy

philips nolreco beard trimmerWhen it comes to a really good beard trimmer, you’d like to get something very versatile in what it can do. The more length settings then I say the better. Each guy wants a different length or trimming style they’re trying to achieve. One of the easiest and highest rated products on the market is the Philips Norelco BT7215/49 Vacuum Beard, Stubble, and Mustache Trimmer. I always find Philips Norelco one the most trusted men’s shaving brands. They’ve never really failed me.

They’re always heavily featured with integrated trimming blades to provide the most comfortable and easy shaving experience for guys. You get up to 18 secured length settings. So I am pretty sure if you’re trying to find just that right length setting for you that you’ll be impressed with the Norelco. You get up to 1mm to 18mm in length to choose from. Stubble, short mustaches, medium, to very long beards.

It takes care of all the guys with different trimming needs. There’s also a 0.5 mm stubble length option as well. A vacuum system that’s included makes for easy clean up time. I think overall this is currently the very best trimmer for men on the market. It’s a just a little expensive.

Remington beard trimmerIf you want something a little cheaper then you can consider the Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer for men. There’s just 9 length settings opposed to just the 18 with the Philips Norelco. The blades are made out of titanium. Titanium is the absolute strongest material to be used. The blades won’t break, or rust. I think the key reason this is such a highly recommended product because the blades are sharp enough to get a really precise trim without pulling at the beard or mustache.

Clipping a beard or mustache can be painful when it pulls at the whiskey’s on the face. The blades trim precisely very quickly and efficiently. This is not a stubble trimmer for guys. It’s best suited for men that have longer mustaches and beards to trim off. You can find this a pretty efficient and well used trimmer to keep your facial hair nice and groomed though.

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