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Eye-catching Alternatives for Shaving Creams for Men

Shaving creams seem to be a real hit or miss with men. Some have no problem using them, where as others can’t seem to get the right protection. They’ve come a long way and overall seem to be what most prefer to use. Some still get allergic and have bad skin reaction to some of the chemicals used. My problem with shaving creams is that most of them are not organic, and those that have really sensitive skin tend to have problems with most. Although the shaving industry has come a long way of developing much better products for sensitive skin.

Even still, are there better alternatives for shaving creams for men to use? If you’re going to shave large parts of the body, then I personally would not use them. I am going to list some alternatives for men to use to  shave with for the body, face, and any part of on the skin. The trick is always to have some sort of moisture. So before using make sure you have a good wet and dry electric shaver, unless you like to use the good old fashion razor blade.

Top 3 Alternatives for Shaving Creams

virgin coconut oil shaving cream alternativeVirgin Coconut Oil: This is my personal favorite, and I can’t seem to get enough of how truly miraculous this oil is. Why I love it is pretty simple is because it one: absorbs in the skin fast, and two: the skin becomes extremely soft. A lot of people apply to the skin as a moisturizer, but you can also apply directly to the body and face before shaving.

What does it do? It makes shaving less irritable for one thing. It acts as a protector from razor irritation, and keeps the skin very moist. It also also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory as well. Since coconut oils acts a natural lubricate the razor blades won’t dig into the skin, instead it will glide with it since coconut oil is as slippery as butter, but it doesn’t stick like butter does.

shea butter alternative shaving creamShea Butter: Shea butter is very similar to coconut oil. I myself have never tried it, but its naturally soft and smooth for the skin. It gives the skin enough moisture for a much smoother shave. A lot of people who have used this stand by what an extremely closer feel you can get, because it can even allow your blade to penetrate deep enough to remove razor bumps without the risk of cutting or nicking the skin. A lot of really good organic shaving creams now use shea butter as one of its top ingredients. Since it both lubricates, soften, and keeps the skin moist makes it a top natural method to consider.

baby powder as alternative shaving creamBaby Powder: The good old fashion baby powder. Its no wonder why its use by millions of people around the world after showering. The skin tends to dry out very easily, and that’s why most men and women never get the comfort shave they desire. Using baby powder keeps the skin extremely soft. You never want to shave when the skin is very dry, and hard. This is just asking for pain, discomfort, and a lot of shaving bumps, cuts, and nicks.

Particularly for the body, I’d highly recommend using baby powder. You apply to the skin, then let it sit for a couple minutes. The blades are able to penetrate much closer to the surface and glides with the skin rather against it. Try it sometime, and see if you notice a significant difference when using it.

Top 6 Shaving Creams for men


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