How To Use An Epilator

Thankfully it’s not difficult to use an epilator, it’s already hard enough to deal with all of your unwanted body hair. If this is your first time using an epilator, looking at all of the tiny tweezers inside of one can be a little intimidating. Don’t worry, that are not nearly as painful as you might think. Learning how to use your epilator is quick and easy, and soon you will be enjoying smooth sexy skin all year long.

Getting Started with your epilator

While this may sound silly, it is a good idea to shave before starting to use your new epilator. This will help to cut down on the pain and irritation that can occur. Remember, your epilator removes your unwanted body hair at the root. The finer and less coarse your hair is, the easier it is to remove. If you start slowly, you will find that your skin won’t become as irritated. One the bright side this is probably the last time you will ever have to shave.

After you finish shaving, wait a day before turning on your epilator. This gives your stubble a chance to start regrowing and gives your device something to grab onto. There are different settings, and we recommend that you start on the advanced level. This is actually the normal operating speed of the epilator, with the beginning level only serving to get you used to its feel.

It’s best if you start with the bottom of your legs before trying any of your more sensitive places. You will notice the roller at the top of the epilator, and this what you will place against your skin. Now you are ready to begin using your new hair remover.

Using your Epilator

Starting with the bottom of your legs, run the epilator up your leg against the grain of the hair, while you may notice a slight irritating sensation it is nothing compared to the pain associated with waxing. If you want to see how much hair you just removed, simply remove the roller. You will have to do this to clean your epilator after each use also. Depending on your skins reaction, some women only do the bottom half of their legs on the first time while others can finish their entire legs.

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