How to Clean your epilator

Your epilator works great now, but it does require some routine maintenance to keep it operating at its best. Every epilator is different, so it’s important to read your owner’s manual before you start cleaning it. With the right care, you can keep your epilator working like brand new.

4 Easy Steps for Cleaning your Epilator

You will need to have a small cleaning brush, cotton balls, and alcohol before you get started. Most epilators now come with a small brush for cleaning, but if you need one a small paintbrush works great.

Step 1:

The first step is to brush out any hair from the head of your epilator. If yours is also waterproof, go ahead and run it under water first. Getting rid of the trapped hair is especially important to keep the rotating discs from becoming stuck.

Step 2:

Epilators with coils or springs may need more than a brush to get them clean, and a can of air works perfectly. The small straw can reach all of the tiny crevices, and safely blow out the remaining hair.

Step 3:

Keeping your epilator clean and germ free will not only keep it running great, it will also prevent harmful bacteria from forming. This is important if you use your epi on your more personal and sensitive areas. Simply take the cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol, and gently wipe down each of the tweezers. Remember to rotate the tweezer discs, so you can be sure you cleaned all of them.

Step 4:

Never replace the cap on your epilator will it is still damp. Harmful bacteria can quickly grow, and delicate parts can become damaged. Once the epilator is dry, go ahead and cover it back up. This will keep dust and dirt from getting inside in between uses.

Your epilator works great now, and with these 4 easy steps you can keep it running like new and enjoy many years of smooth, sexy skin.

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