7 Easy to use Epilators Tips and Tricks

Epilators can make shaving a breeze. They are incredibly easy to use, and they work great at hair removal. They don’t make a mess, and best of all your smooth, hairless bliss can last for up to a month. While they may be easy to use, there are always a few tips and tricks that can make using epilators even easier and give you even better looking skin.

Epilators Tips and Tricks

Here are a few of our favorite baby smooth epilator tips that can make removing any unwanted hair easy and pain free.

  1. If you happen to own a water proof epilator, then now is the time to start shaving in the shower. Warm water helps to relax your skin, making it more pliable. This makes it easier to get into those hard to reach places, like along your bikini line. Another benefit to warm water is that it helps to sooth your skin, cutting down on the chances of it becoming temporarily irritated.
  2. When you are using a dry epilator, you should always make sure that you are not wearing any oils of perfume on the area that you will be treating. They can cause skin irritation and interfere with the epilator.
  3. Always remember to start by running the epilator against the hair growth, you can run it back down to make sure you catch all of the finer hairs also. Going against the hair also gives the epilator a chance to get a stronger grip on them, and you silky smooth skin.
  4. Even the best skin can be occasionally irritated when you use an epilator, and a soothing moisturizing cream can help take care of the problem. Using a hydrating lotion will also keep your skin looking and feeling great.
  5. A simple way to make using your epilator even easier is to sprinkle some baby powder on your skin before you start. This helps the tiny tweezers in the epilator grab onto the hair, this can be extremely useful when you are chasing after some of the finer hairs.
  6. Since you only need one hand to hold the epilator, use your other hand to hold looser patches of skin nice and tight. It can make going over your bikini area and under arms a piece of cake.
  7. While you never want to use a non waterproof epilator in water, taking a shower ahead of time can make using your dry epilator quick and pain free. Just make sure you dry off completely before using your epilator.

Epilators Tips and Tricks

A final trick is to use you epilator more than just once a month. While chances are your still sexy and smooth, epilators can prevent ingrown hairs from developing. Since the epilator pulls the hairs out by the root, your chances of getting a painful ingrown hair are greatly reduced. With these little tips, you can always have silky, smooth skin without any of the work.

Using an epilator to remove all of your unwanted body hair can leave you feeling sleek and smooth for weeks, but it can also leave your skin feeling rough and irritated. To help keep your skin looking and feeling great, we’ve put together an epilation before and after guide to walk you through the steps.

What to do Before Epilating

Step 1: Before you turn on your epilator, you need to get your skin ready. No matter how fast or slow you go over your legs with an epilator, it is going to irritate your skin. To help calm and relax your skin, the first thing you need to do is take a warm shower or bath. This will help to lessen both the pain and the swelling.

Step 2: You only need to do this if you haven’t used an epilator before or if it has been longer than a week since the last time. Shave your legs first. While it might seem silly to shave before epilating, removing the longer hairs will not only speed up the process, it also causes less irritation.

Step 3: Exfoliate. This might be one of the most important steps. Removing all of the old and dead skin will not only help your legs to look and feel better, it will also help the epilator glide easier over your skin.

Step 4: Sprinkling baby powder on your skin can help the epilator remove fine or flattened body hair easier.

After Epilating

There is really only one thing to do after you’ve finished and that is to moisturize your skin. While avoiding lotions that are heavy with perfumes or chemicals can make your skin even more irritated, a natural moisturizer can help to calm your tender skin and give it a healthy glow.

Some women have found the holding a cold washcloth on their skin can not only relieve the tight feeling, but can also help to reduce redness and swelling. With these little tips, you can have beautiful skin right after you turn off your epilator.

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