Epilator vs Shaving Which is Better?

Recently you may have been hearing other women debating which is better, an epilator vs shaving. If you are new to using an epilator, or even just considering it, this is a discussion you should pay attention to. There are ups and downs to using both, and before you decided to switch your hair removal method, we compiled our own information to help you decide which method is best for you.

Types of Epilators

Epilators can use a spring, rotating disc or tweezers to grab and remove your unwanted body hair, and come in two different types.

Battery Powered:

These epilators are cordless and normally waterproof. Using either two or four alkaline batteries, these epilators can be taken with you anywhere. Some of the cordless models even come with a rechargeable battery pack, so you don’t even have to continuous buy batteries.

Electric Epilators:

While this type of epilator is obviously not waterproof, they do normally come with more options and speeds than the battery powered ones. An AC adapter is also included, making it easy to take your epilator with you when you travel.

The Advantages of an Epilator

Epilators work by removing the hair from the root. Instead of having to worry about embarrassing stubble reappearing after a few hours, you can go days with sexy, smooth skin. They fit easily into your hand, and give you complete control. They can even handle the hard, coarse hairs that may defeat a simple razor to always give you touchable and silky smooth skin for days.

Since the hair is removed from the root, it will normally grow back softer and finer. Not only does this make it easy to epilate the next time, the new growth is far less noticeable than it is with shaving. They can also help to prevent painful ingrown hairs from appearing, and we can all appreciate that.

Epilators are often less expensive in the long run than shavers. While the original price may be higher than a disposable razor, you also get more than one or two close shaves. An epilator can last for years, giving you continually smooth and hair free skin every time.

Finally, epilators are simply easier than shaving. Instead of constantly worrying about whether your skin is touchable, without embarrassing stubble, you always know that your legs will never have that rough, sandpaper feel that seems to never go away when you use a razor.

Types of Shavers

epilator vs shavingThere are several different types of razors, all designed to give you smooth silky skin. While some shavers may include features such as moisturizing strips and several different blades, they all will work at removing all of your unwanted body hair.

Disposable Razors:

Like their name implies, these shavers can only be used once or twice, before they need to be thrown away. They are normally inexpensive, and can be used for either wet or dry shaving. Disposable razors can include single and double blades, and some even include three blades for an extra close shave.

Electric Razors:

They normally include an AC adapter, and can only be used for dry shaving. Some models feature rotating disc blades, and even a swivel head design to make it easier for you to follow your bikini line and other hard to shave places. Electric razors are often gentler on your skin, and are commonly recommended by dermatologists as an alternative to using razor blades.

The Advantages of Using Shavers

Shavers give you the luxury of being able to do quick touchups or a complete shave at any time. Both disposable and electric shavers are easy to pack and will even fit into your gym bag for quick touchups after your workouts.

You can get a silky smooth shave that will last all day, without the pain that comes with other hair removal systems. You can remove hair from your legs and under arms easily, and also keep your bikini area neat and hair free. There are even shavers designed especially for your sensitive facial area.

Shavers are relatively inexpensive when they are compared to other hair removal systems, and the electric razors are often recommended for shaving extremely sensitive skin. While shavers will only keep your skin completely smooth for a day, they are a great way to remove unwanted body hair especially if your skin is easily irritated.

The Bottom Line

In the epilator vs. shaving debate the answer really depends on you. While epilators are great at removing all of your unwanted body hair, they can be painful and even irritating to sensitive skin. Shavers will not give you smooth skin for days, but they are usually gentler on your skin. So the choice is yours, which do you prefer an epilator or a shaver?

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