3 of The Best Epilator for Armpits

Best epilator for armpits hair removal

best epilator for armpitsWe received lots of requests to do reviews for the best epilator for armpits and so here they are. The great thing about these epilators is that each one can be used on the most delicate parts of the skin. We are aware that epilating can be painful to a majority of women, especially to those who have low tolerance of pain. Here are our recommendations for the best epilator for armpits.

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Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator

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At first you will see that this Satinelle Epilator is expensive. But since it is made by Phillips, it sure has the pride in giving epilators that are well worth the price. You can use this epilator on the sensitive parts of your skin and body, and it leaves your skin smooth afterwards. Hair growth after epilation using this HP6401 will depend on the physical hair density for every individual. But as what most women said, it takes 15 long days before the hair grows back, and when it does, it comes finer than before.

In your first use of this Phillips Satinelle Epilator, you might experience a bit of pain, but every first time of epilation is really painful, however, on your next sessions, you will feel no more pain. This is the best epilator for the armpits. Overall, we are very impressed with this and we recommend it to all of you who are looking towards easy epilation.

Emjoi AP-9L Epi Slim Cosmetic Hair Remover

3 of The Best Epilator for Armpits 3

If you do not prefer to shave your underarms because shaving leaves dark shadows on your skin, then this AP-9L Epi Slim from Emjoi can be your alternative option for a shaver. The small head with rotating discs is best for your under arms coarse or fine hair. You can also use this on your facial hair, legs, and arms. You will feel the pain if you are not used to tweezing or plucking, but all the pain will diminish on your next epilation, instead, you will experience pleasure. With all the functional tweezers and perfectly smooth skin result, this epilator is the best epilator for armpit. We recommend that you give it a try.

Panasonic ES-WD51-P Ladies Wet/Dry Epilator

You will love this epilator because it is very much a lady. The price is quite expensive, but it is worth the price. As you use it on your armpit, you will notice how the discs can be used as shaver, trimmer, and epilator. A perfect 3-in-1 hair removal tool for you. The gliding motion of the rotating heads will give your skin a gentle treatment. You will feel the softness afterwards. With the price and function efficiency, this is the best epilator for underarms that we want to recommend to you.

Quick Summary of the best epilators for armpits

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