2 of the Best Emjoi vs Braun Epilator

Women are choosing sides in the ongoing Emjoi vs Braun epilator debate. Both of these epilators are manufactured by leading companies, and they both work great. They do have different features and unique options, and that is what’s causing the heated debate. While we aren’t going to take sides, we did put together a comparison to help answer the question of who’s better.

Types of Emjoi and Braun Epilators

There are two main types of epilators and both companies make them. Electric epilators are not waterproof, but they do come with adjustable speeds and other features. Both companies include an AC adapter with their products, and also offer special adapters designed to fit in those small, private areas.

The other type is a battery powered epilator, and yes both companies make great ones. These convenient and waterproof epilators are great for traveling, and some even include a battery charger.

Advantages of Emjoi Epilators

Emjoi vs Braun EpilatorOne of the first things that you will notice is that the company’s motto is all about making our lives easier, and that includes removing unwanted hair. They use patented technology in all of their products, and most importantly they listen to what women want, a baby smooth epilator. As a result, every epilator made by them is specifically designed to follow the curves of your body, making it easy to reach all of the important places.

Emjoi’s most popular epilators are part of their Caress Line, a great name for hair removal products and feature their patented rotating tweezer discs and their amazing pain reduction options. Yes, they offer epilators that can help relieve some of that irritating pain.

You can also find epilators designed for your sensitive face, a must have if you suffer from excessive dark facial hair and an epilator designed for men. Even men like smooth and radiant skin, and this electric epilator can handle even the coarsest stubble. Their list of fabulous epilators is endless, and even includes options for removing excessive hair on your head. While most of you don’t need to be beautifully bald, it is great for dealing with manly looking sideburns and keeping the nape of your neck looking neat.

With their long line of technically advanced hair removal products, it’s not hard to see why Emjoi is one of the first names in women’s beauty products.

If you’re looking for Emjoi epilators, here are some great options:

Advantages of Braun Epilator

Few people know that Braun originally designed an electric shaver in 1938. While it may not have been manufactured until 1951, that still gives the company plenty of experience in hair removal. The first advantage that Braun has is that it is owned by the massive Protector and Gamble Corporation, which means the best in technical innovations.

Braun has taken hair removal to a different level, with products that can double as dry and wet epilators, and even special ones designed for your bikini area, like the Braun Silk Epil 9 line. With two trimming combs included, you can finally get all of those little hairs down to one even length. To make hair removal fun, Braun even includes ten templates with their bikini epi so you can have sexy and creative designs in that sensitive area. It is definitely one way to spice up your sex life.

They have epilators designed for traveling overseas, and the always important cooling epilator. It helps to cool your skin while you are epilating to cut down and the redness and irritation, which can be a problem if you happen to be fair-skinned. With contoured handles for easy gripping and pivoting heads on many of them, Braun makes hair removal quick, easy, and relatively painless.

If you’d like to try Braun epilator, here are a few of our favorites:

You Decide Emjoi vs Braun epilator: Which suits your lifestyle

Both Braun and Emjoi make great electric and battery-powered epilators, and we simply can’t pick a favorite. With Emjoi’s commitment to improving women’s lives and beauty routines, the patented revolving tweezer discs can remove any hair the first time you use it. Braun has years of experience, and they also have all of the resources of P&G. Their Silk Epil line is one of the most popular and features their great wet and dry epi. While we can’t tell you which company’s epi to fall in love with, we are pretty sure you’ll be just as vocal as everyone else about your favorite epilator.

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