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Back Hair Removal Wax – Pain Free?

The best back hair removal wax helps men and women to get the closest natural feeling of being hairless. Body wax is the number one way to remove body hair at home. It’s been used for many years because it rips the hair out completely by the root. When you rip the hair out of the roots you’re left with no stubble appearance, and you can be left hairless up to 8 weeks. Hair can sometimes grow back thinner and weaker in appearance too.

The thing about body waxing, or home sugaring is that it’s very painful. If you’re going to remove back hair with this method then obviously you’ll need a partner. Let’s take a closer look at the best ways to remove back hair with wax, while trying to reduce as much pain as possible.

How to Wax Back Hair Without Much Pain

back hair removalThere are some people who recommend not showering before body waxing, but I think it’s highly recommended to relax the skin, and remove the toxins. Exfoliating the skin helps a lot. Not a lot of people feel like taking a shower afterward anyways, since most are in a bit of pain. To remove back hair by waxing you’ll need a partner.

Make sure this partner knows what he or she is doing. You don’t want to make any mistakes. Have him or her practice if need be on a pillow, doll, or some other type of surface with duck tape. Just lift the bottom corner of the strip. Then yank it off in one quick instance in the opposite direction of the body hair. Wax strips should not be removed horizontally. You want to remove the strip vertically, going against the hair.

Most hair removal kits come with instructions. Have him or her watch a few youtube videos if needed.

Before waxing I think it’s a good idea to take an aspirin. If you have prescribed pain-killers, then go ahead and take one since you’re not going to be doing this.

Take one about 30 minutes before.

Some men and women also apply a numbing cream to help reduce as much pain as possible. Amazon has quite a few available to buy.

Lay flat on your stomach shirtless. If you have a rubber ball or something to squeeze on then this sometimes helps to deal with the pain too.

Luckily the back for most people doesn’t take much time to wax. If the person knows what he or she is doing then you should be done within 5-10 minutes.

When you’re done, if you want you can hop back in the shower. Or soak yourself in a semi-cold water to relieve some of the pain (ice water and obviously hot water is not recommended).

Try avoiding sunlight, or sitting on your back for at least 6-8 hours when you’re finished. Pain should subside for most by the next day.

 The Best Back Hair Removal Wax

For men you want something that’s very strong enough to rip out any type of hair. The BodyHonee hair removal waxing strips can feel as if the life of jaws is on your back. When the strips tend to peel too quick they won’t remove all the hair follicles with it.

There are only three ingredients used in the waxing recipe and that’s sugar, sea salt, and lemon. Sugar is one of the best natural ways to remove body hair, and it’s highly recommended for men too.

Sugar has been used since Ancient Egypt. It’s unique because it sticks to the hair follicles but not the skin.

This is an old recipe similar to waxing, but is referred to as sugaring. For back hair, it’s pretty easy to apply and have a partner start ripping out the hair follicles on the back.

Body waxing, or sugaring can be painful. If you’re not quite ready to put your back through that kind of pain, then click here and checkout some back hair trimmers that can help solve your hairy back problem.

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