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Easy to use Pubic hair Trimmers

best pubic hair trimmerThe best pubic hair trimmers for balls can keep you nice and groomed in a man’s most private area of the body. There are many places on the body a guy might remove body hair from, and the private area is often one of those places. This can be a tricky place to remove  hair from, because it’s also the most sensitive part of the body. As embarrassing and sensitive as the topic might seem, it’s no joking matter if you do this the wrong way. I’m sure you want to keep your man-hood in tact, so it is important you do this the correct way to keep your man zone both safe and hair free.

I would not recommend using razor blades at all to remove pubic hair. Just think about it, a razor blade down in that area of the body doesn’t sound like a pleasant experience. In this article, we will go over the safe and proper ways to remove hair from the private part of the body, and the right kind of pubic hair trimmers to use. You’ll need to buy a few of these products I have listed in this article to get the best grooming experience needed.

Why Shave My Pubic hair?

Appearance wise is one reason, but not the most important one. Unless you’re planning on getting intimate with a partner, you’re obviously not going to need it for appearances. The biggest reason is body odor. Body odor sticks to hair follicles, particularly in the private area. To keep up a healthy hygiene every guy should look to keep their pubic area groomed properly.

How to Prepare For  Using Pubic Hair Trimmers

This is definitely the most important part in preparing ahead of time before you shave in your private region. First, I’d take a warm shower. You never want to shave any part of the body dry. Don’t use soap since it dries the skin out. I’d buy a really good body wash and take a shower first.

There are a few ways to tackle removing body hair from your balls. You don’t have to be completely shaved down there. You definitely need some scissors regardless if you’re going to shave your balls. If you have long hair follicles, it’s a bad idea to start using a hair trimmer right away. Long hair follicles tend to pull at the skin, and I probably don’t have to tell you how painful that can be.

Cleancut pubic hair trimmers for ballsI’ve listed a really good pair of body hair scissors that I would buy. The Cleancut trimmer can be used for cutting nose hair, ear hair, and facial hair. It would work in trimming pubic hair safely without the risk of cutting yourself.

It comes in rounded blades so there’s no risk of cutting yourself. They work quite nicely it cutting body hair before you’re ready to shave. This step is highly recommended.

The trimmer’s design is ergonomic and fits easily into the palm of your hand; after all, you want a secure, comfortable grip when you’re trimming around your man assembly.

The blades aren’t exposed – another plus for any pubic hair trimmer  – and the folks at Cleancut claim you can’t nick or cut yourself.

And that, friends, is the kind of confidence that helps when you take on the challenge of trimming your pubes. It ranks right up there in the category of best trimmer for balls.

One thing your ES412 kit doesn’t include is scissors, and Cleancut recommends that you trim longer hairs before cutting the rest with their signature trimmer.

Before you actually shave your pubic hair some guys highly recommend applying baby powder. Baby powder will soften your skin making it easier to shave without irritation. This is highly recommended if you’re using a dry electric trimmer. If you’re using a wet or dry trimmer, then I’d shave with water instead.

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