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Best Body Hair Trimmer for Men That Doesn`t Hurt

Finding the best body hair trimmer for men that doesn’t hurt can help prevent cutting yourself while shaving. Shaving the body sometimes does come with irritation, razor bumps, redness, and cuts. Using a body hair trimmer is probably the easiest for most men. Guys are used to shaving. I think most choose a good hair grooming product because they’re the most versatile in removing hair anywhere on the body.

Body hair is not very attractive to have. Nearly all men have some body hair. Although it can be accepted, most women really prefer a guy to be as hairless as possible. Whether that’s keeping your man region well-groomed, or removing hair on the back. Less body hair will result in a much sexier look. I know some of us can’t help the fact we have body hair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it.

How to Choose The Best Body Hair Trimmer for You

Before you just buy any old electric shaver, you need to have a general idea what you’re looking for. There are different types of body groomers on the market for men to choose from. I’ll go over some of the things to consider to help you choose the best body trimmer for you.

Back Extension – If you’re going to shave the back then it’s very important to find one with a good back extension. Unless you’re extremely flexible, this is the hardest place to remove body hair. Mangroomer is the top-selling manufacturer in back hair trimmers for men to use.

Hypo-Allergic Blade – These blades are made out of stainless steel. Blade quality is very important, especially if you want to reduce pain, cuts, and irritation.

Battery Life – This is a very import and overlooked feature. Sometimes the battery life on these electric hair trimmers do not last very long. You’ll often find the cheaper hair trimmers have poor battery life.

Don’t Buy Cheap Products – Don’t go “hey this trimmer is $20 dollars cheaper than that one so I’m going to buy it instead”. You won’t necessarily save money just from buying a cheaper product. You want the very best trimmer that’s right for you. A poorly made electric product might not have the longest battery life either.

Pubic Body Hair Trimmer – Pubic body hair trimmers are different, and more sensitive. If you’re going to buy one, then choose a public trimmer that specifically targets pubic hair. The shavers are more sensitive to these parts of the body. This is the most sensitive part of the body to remove hair from, so choose wisely to keep your pubic hair groomed and pain-free when doing so.

Best Fully Body Groomer for Men

Philips Norelco BG7030-49 body hair shaverPhilips Norelco BG7030-49 body hair shaver – There are two things I want from a good body trimmer – remove all the hair and cause no irritation when doing so. The number one rated full body groomer for men is the Philips Norelco BG7030. It’s the Zen Master of body hair trimmers. It’s fully featured with a variety of different length settings.

The best feature is the 3-D pivoting head that gives the skin the closest shave possible without causing irritation. The rounded blades prevent scratching.

The battery life is outstanding on the Norelco body hair trimmer. Most standard ones require 8 hours to change. The BG7030 will be fully charged in less than 2 hours. The high performing lithium battery allows you to shave for 80 minutes on just 1 hour of charging! Unlike other shaving and trimming devices, the battery is powerful and will effectively shave thick, curly hair

Nolreco BG7030 body hair trimmerYou can take this shaver/trimmer in the shower or even run it under water to clean it! There really is no other shaver like this.

Other features include: wet and dry use, hypoallergenic foil, self-sharpening blades, 2-year warranty, 45 Day Money Back Guarantee, and dual ended: shaver/trimmer.

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