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Best Back Hair Removal Products for Men

If you are one of many men that struggle with back hair problems, then take comfort in knowing you are not alone. There’s a multitude of different back hair removal products for men to use. Millions of people around the world have hairy back problems, and look for many ways to remove body hair. A man who can’t feel confident in their body’s appearance is a man that’s not happy. Some of the best back hair removal products for men can make it so no one even knows. I like to think its a problem that can be easily solved while spending very little money.

I would avoid painful procedures that permanently remove follicles on the body, because they’re dangerous and very risky. Some like to go with laser hair removal. They not only cost a lot of money, but there’s absolutely no guaranteed they’ll prevent hair from re-growing. You also risk damaging the skin. Two simple and easy methods are body hair shavers, or hair removal creams. Each one has their advantages and disadvantages. Both can remove back hair in no time, and allow you to feel like your confident self once again.

Why Do I Have A Hairy Back?

Despite a lot of theories on why men develop pubic hair in unwanted places, it usually has nothing to do with a health condition. Some men might develop specific hormonal changes that lead to more hair growth on the body. The hormone androgen plays a critical part in the production of the male reproduce system. The testosterone is hereditary and there’s really no way to avoid it. If you come from a family of hairy people, then more than likely yourself will develop a similar problem.

Ethnicity also plays a large part in some people developing body hair compared to others. For example Asians have very little to no body hair on them. Where as Italians, Greeks, and Hispanics tend to grow a lot more body hair. So now that you understand there’s no real way to avoid the problem, now we can move on to at least eliminating back hair and body hair.

Best Electric Back Hair Shaver

mangroomer back hair removalWhen it comes to finding really good products, obviously removing hair follicles is probably the most important thing. However, for the back there are two other things to keep in mind. First is reach ability (after all the back is extremely difficult to shave), and the second is safety. You don’t want to be carving up your back. Razor blades can be prone to developing cuts, nicks, and skin irritation. That can’t look or feel too good either. That’s why some men are a little skeptical when it comes to shaving the body, especially those with sensitive skin.

I think the absolute best product in this regard is the Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus+. I like to think this is a great product not only because of the many positive reviews its received from happy customers. It seems very easy to use, and the razor blades are smaller.

The smaller blades allow you to penetrate deeper,  helping to remove hair in extremely difficult to get spots on the body. The Lithium Max Plus is an upgrade to the original Mangroomer hair removal shaver, and is a little more advanced in getting the job done. The premium wide blades are 1.5 inches wide, but not very long. So you’re able to shave as close as possible, while also shaving in really sensitive and tight areas. Fewer strokes and results of less potential ingrown hair when used often.

  • Extended handle reach of two feet
  • Rechargeable battery power
  • 100% Rubberized
  • Professional Handle Lock Button
  • Premium wide blades of 1.5 inches for maximum coverage for close shaves
  • Protect cape for the blade
  • Ideal 135-degree opening for ideal back-shaving


One of the newest and latest products to hit the market that many are loving is the Spa Big Mouth Do-It-Yourself Back Shaver. Now, I think if you have a really, really hairy back, and need a lot of it removed fast, then this is what I’d get. The problem with some hair removal creams is that you end up using the entire bottle or half of it if you go serious hair problems.  And other hair removal shavers don’t exactly cut down on time as well, as most of the blades are thin.

This bad boy will remove a lot of hair, and do it fast, and before you know it you can be completely hairless. The blades itself look like jigsaw teeth, and you might think there’s no possible way I’m carving up my back with one of these. Ouch! Lucky enough not only are the blades very big at 4 inches, but it’s very safe to use.

The teeth actually help at not pulling the hair, but just cutting as closely as possible. The teeth guard on the blades is very cool, so you don’t hurt yourself when using.  Overall, it seems like something many people are finding useful for their hairy ape problems.

    • Unique patent pending safety blades
    • Ergonomic design lightweight with 4″ wide safety blades Full extendable reach for shaving
    • hard spots on the body
    • Full extendable reach for shaving hard spots on the body

Best Back Hair Cream Removal for Men

nair back hair removal creamRemoving back hair with cream is very tricky. First of all, it’s very hard to reach the back area yourself. A lot of men prefer creams to shavers for a few reasons. Second, some like hair removal creams better because they keep hair away longer. With a busy schedule, shaving the body can be very time-consuming. Pain and discomfort are usually minimal too. However, some hair removal creams themselves can be painful, particularly if you have sensitive skin.

It’s kind of hard to recommend which to choose. For those that like easy, and quick ways to get rid of body hair then I’d go with shavers. For longer results, then creams are your best bet. The top-selling hair removal cream for men is Nair Nair for Men Body Hair removal. It’s design to effectively remove body hair on the arms, chest, back, neck, and legs.

The effectiveness of this product is supposed to leave you hair free longer compared to shavers. For its relatively low price, high ratings on amazon, I don’t think its a bad product to give a try.

I wouldn’t really recommend it for really, really hairy people. As it might take a lot more to use. I think those with slightly hairy parts of the body that they want trimmed up, they might want to give this a try. Be sure to follow the directions otherwise it won’t work properly.

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