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Best Bikini Razor for Bikini Area That Prevents Irritation

The best bikini razor for bikini area parts of the body helps to effectively remove body hair. When it comes to ladyscaping, sing the right razor blade can make a difference in getting a smoother, cleaner, and less irritable pubic hair shave. This pubic region is never the most pleasant place for men and women to remove body hair. Nicks, cuts, razor burn, and razor bumps are some of the known problems one can have. Before you decide to shave, it’s highly recommended that you exfoliate your skin with a brush.

This makes a difference in softening your skin’s surface, while removing dead skin cells on the body that is known to cause ingrown hairs. These razor blades should help you easily navigate anywhere on your body to give you a nice and smooth shave. Remember to also click on the link below and checkout my shaving gels to use with these razor blades.

Best Bikini Razor for Bikini Area That Prevents Irritation

best bikini razor

Noxzema Bikini Plus Shave and Trim Disposable

Disposable blades are the best. They’re very cheap to buy. You only use them a few times then throw them away. Blades begin to dull very fast. You shouldn’t use disposable blades more than a month. You can buy these in bulk.

These come with a lubricating strip featuring shea butter for better lubrication to help prevent cuts and nicks.

Easy grip handle for firm control. The razor comes with a protective skin guard that reduces irritation.

These blades aren’t likely to cause much irritation. The blades are very sharp and easy to cut hair. The sharper the blade the less likely you’ll irritate the skin. That’s not to say there will never be any irritation when using razor blades.

Many helpful reviews given on amazon. Works well for both men and women.

Gillette Venus Bikini Trimmer

Gillette is one of the top leading brand names in the razor world. Their Venus bikini trimmer has gotten some great feedback. Some of the features include easy pivoting, protective comb on the bikini trimmer, easily trims bikini hair without a shaving motion.

This isn’t for a complete shave of your bikini pubic hair. Before shaving long hair strains your pubic hair must be trimmed. This replaces scissors and cuts at an even length. You’ll be given a nice and even trim. Then when you’re finished you can use one of these two razor blades I have listed, or one that you like to get a complete shave.

Gillette Venus Embrace

It says it’s for women, but men can use this too. If I’m a guy though, I’m not sure I’d use this on the genitals. There are 5 curve-hugging blades, and that might be too much for your genitals to handle. Most guys find that too many blades make it more difficult to shave their genitals. You can still use this to shave around your genital area though.

The razor cartridges come with a protective ribbon of moisture for a smoother shaving glide.

It might seem funny but a lot of men turn to women’s razor blades. Women’s razor blades are marketed towards closer and smoother shaves. So for men that want to feel completely hairless have turn to women razor blades like these. There are many guy reviews who have used this for their bikini area, face, and other parts of the body.

So those are the best bikini razor blades for men and women to use. Outside a good razor blade, you’ll also need a good shaving gel, or cream that not only gives you a smooth shave but will protect you from razor bumps. So click here, and checkout recommended hair gels to use.

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