Best At Home Electrolysis Hair Removal

What Is Electrolysis

Home Electrolysis uses electric current by inserting a needle at the center of the hair. Then a pair of tweezers can be used to easily pull out the hair follicle. The chemical or electric current destroys the entire hair root. This is the only officially FDA approved way to remove hair permanently. A dead hair root can’t grow back, so then you’re hair free on any part of the body that you choose.

The process is supposed to be relatively painless and shouldn’t cause any long-term side effects. Between 15-30 sessions are needed to remove all the hair. This largely depends on how much body hair you want to remove. Costs can range between $45-$90 per session.

Does Home Electrolysis Work?

Verseo eSmooth home Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal Epilator Roller PenI wouldn’t recommend doing it, especially if you’re not really sure what you’re doing. Most electrolysis home removal kits aren’t very expensive but most can be ineffective. Some electrolysis removal machines can be very painful too.

I would trust a professional when it comes to better results, while providing less pain. Going to a clinic and allowing a cosmetologist that knows what they’re doing will give you the best and safest results. They have much better machines, and not to mention they’re a qualified MD. So they’ll know what they’re doing.

Some home electrolysis might work, but they are not FDA approved to being a permanent way to remove body hair. You’ll often see a lot of mixed feedback from consumers.

Best At Home Electrolysis for Removing Body Hair

Some of these home electrolysis kits are supposed to be permanent, but they’re not FDA approved. So they aren’t proven guaranteed ways to remove body hair permanently, or at all for that matter. I would not use any of these home removal kits expecting never to grow body hair again. Some may work for some people, but the reviews overall seem inconclusive in the overall effects of removing body hair.

LED Home Electrolysis Kit – This is supposed to be a permanent solution that you can use in the comfort of your home. It features an E-smooth pen that works by passing an electric current through the hair follicle, then removing the hair with tweezers. You can use on the eyebrows, face, upper lip, underarms, legs, bikini line, and back.

It does come with self-adhesive gel pads which is one reason this is a recommended hair removal kit to try. Some people do experience pain when using electrolysis at home, so you want something that can cut potential pain.

The feedback is somewhat inconsistent. Not a lot of reviews to get much of a read whether it’s worth a try. It’s a little expensive and there’s no returns if you’re not satisfied with the results. So you are rolling the dice a bit.

Clean + Easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis – This is one of the cheap hair removal kits you’ll find. With an affordable price it might be worth a try since you don’t stand to lose much money. I must warn you many customers did not like this product at all. The overall amazon rating is just a 2.7 with over 100 reviews.

There has been some positive reviews from customers that have successfully removed boy hair without much pain. I find most of these hair removal kits are going to be a real hit-or-miss when it comes to results and side effects.

Some of the features include comfort dial control to customize treatment, self-adjusting stylet tip that can’t pierce the skin, and it can be used anywhere on the body.

Vector Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal System – This is the most expensive home treatment to choose from. This is a medical grade electrolysis that doesn’t use any needles. If you’re not a fan of needles then you might want to try it.

The price for nearly $200 dollars with very inconsistent reviews might lead some to stay away. Some of the suppose features is that it uses the same power outage as professional electrolysis machines use.

There’s a lot of mixed reviews, but overall most customers were not happy using. I don’t think I’d use this given that you’d be better off using on professional cosmetology doctor to do it. A professional procedure will probably cost more than that, but I just think if you’re planning on spending over $100 dollars it’s worth going to a clinic to get this done the best way possible.

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